Sexy at Sixty: Bette Shows Off Great Figure In Blue Swimsuit In The Carribeans

Daily Mail
Sexy at sixty: Bette Midler shows off her great figure in a blue swimsuit
19 March 2012

She became a screen legend for roles in movies such as Beaches, Ruthless People, and Get Shorty, and she is sometimes referred to simply as the voice.

However, after being spotted in the Caribbean, last week, people might start calling her The Body. Bette Midler showed that at the age of 66 she looks to be in the best shape of her life.

Life’s a beach: Bette Midler looks in great shape as she holidays in the Caribbean. The three-time Grammy award winner rolled back the years as she went for a swim in the warm ocean and slicked back her blonde hair.

Wearing a tight blue swimsuit, Bette looked a picture of health as she took in some sunshine and looked out across the beautiful views.

The music legend was recently honoured when it was announced she will receive the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award at the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Bay watching: Bette takes a look out across the sea while relaxing in the sun

Good form: The music legend rolled back the years in a well fitted swimsuit

The event, which will take place on 14 June in New York, will look back on some of her hits as the starlet takes to the stage to perform.

The organisations chairman, Jimmy Webb, said Midler ‘captivated the world’ with her ‘stylish presentation and unmistakable voice, making each song her own’.

British crooner Tom Jones will also be inducted the Songwriters Hall of Fame, after he finishes filming BBC’s The Voice.

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12 thoughts on “Sexy at Sixty: Bette Shows Off Great Figure In Blue Swimsuit In The Carribeans

  1. I never knew The Divine One was known as The Voice! I think the reporter made a mistake. Perhaps Tom Jones is known as The Voice.

    Anyway, it’s great that Miss M looks healthy and is relaxing under the sun in The Caribbean.

  2. Posting these kinds of pics is just cruel IMO (not you Don, the Daily Mail). They do this just so people poke fun but honestly for a 66 year old woman she looks great!

    1. Unless I’m too trusting, they really seemed respectful towards her. I’ve seen articles and photos where they def make fun, but I didn’t get that vibe from this article…..but it wouldb’t be the first time i was wrong! xx

  3. I also think they were complementary about Miss M on the piece. They didn’t sound like they were making fun of The Divine One.

    About being cruel by taking and releasing this kind of pictures:

    1. Bette knows she’s famous enough to have pictures taken anywhere she goes. She knows papparazzi are everywhere these days. It’s like “if you want the rainbow, you must put up with the rain”. I think it’s much normal and healthier to go out and enjoy life out in the open as Bette, than never go out and be always secluded home as Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich in her later years. The great Elizabeth Taylor was very active to the end.

    2. I believe Miss M feels OK about her look. She accepts aging in a healthy way. I’m not saying she doesn’t do a thing to stay young or reverse the process. I just believe she wouldn’t go to extremes to stay young. It’s the best policy in my view.

    3. Bette does look good for her age. Especially her skin.

  4. I loved the article. For a few reasons.
    1. I don’t see any way they made fun of her. The report is in good taste and the pictures are also.
    2. She really does look amazing, no I’m sorry, divine 😉 not just for her age but in general! Ive seen people half her age not look as healthy and fit as she does.
    3. I’m more then certain she knows someone sees her, and it looks like she doesn’t give a rats ass!
    I say, bravo to Bette for showing us how great a person can look if they take pride in themselves. And bravo to whomever wrote the article, they didn’t say anything harsh about her, and I’m sure they could have to sell papers. Its all in good taste. My two cents anyways.

  5. I get defensive/protective when any gossip website posts pictures of her. The woman is on freaking vacation. They call her “sexy at sixty” when obviously she’s not going for sexy here. She’s going for “I’m on vacation and wanted to take a dip in my blue one-piece”. It’s similar to when Perez posted those pics of her without make-up on. They don’t have celebrities best interests in mind and love to destroy people.

  6. Stephen- I get offensive also, I’m sure all of us who care about her do. But I don’t see this in bad taste. Yes, the title is “sexy at sixty” but hell, she is! Yes shes going for relaxation and shes on vacation, but you cant argue with she doesn’t look great. Now for the Perez thing, this is NOTHING like his b.s. he post. He is rude and obnoxious, I don’t see this as being anything but natural. Showing that a celebrity is a human being also. I don’t think the British newspaper did this to destroy her, if they had that intention it would be a mean article and written to bash her, and its not. We as BetteHeads know when to turn a shoulder when people talk ill of her. I hope you can come to see the natural real look of these photos, and not as something to bash Bette.

  7. i would be interested to know what resort she’s at. Upon her vacation to hawaii we went to the hotel she stayed at and it was a wonderful time!

  8. I too think she looks great for her age but I get where Stephan is coming from. The reporter knows that not everyone is going to agree that she looks sexy so it’s like you wonder if they are saying it like that to see what kind of reactions they will get from everyone for their own amusement or something. Hopefully not. I don’t want to read the comments people make but I always end up doing it! She does look great to me though!

    1. I get what Stephen is saying….I used to be just like him and I worried about the Perez’s of the world and how people would react, but hen I realized it was all out of my control. I really saw nothing wrong with this article,. Will some of the public mock it? Yes! Andrea is right. There’s no stopping that, but they will mock anything…..there are just haters out there that try to make things miserable for everybody and yes this provides them with a good target.. But does that mean the article should never have been written? Are reporters to start self censoring themselves? I know i’m going a little far but I’m trying to make a point.

      But Bette may see things the same way as Stephen. I’ve been called twice by Miss M and her asst Jill in my 10 years to take 2 things down even though they were all over the internet. Miss M had considered BLB a friend and had given me access to Jill and a phone number (which I’ve never used). Anyway one of the calls had to do with a picture of her running in Sydney….I thought it was fabulous because to me it showed a healthy, vibrant woman in her fifties running and keeping herself in shape, but that was not how she wanted to be seen. I made my argument, but in the end I took the picture down and she was very grateful. So it could be I might get another phone call but something tells me she has changed.

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