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Brandon Sun
Viewer’s Voices
January 31, 1992

BETTE’S BESTI have recently become a great admirer of Bette Midler and have been trying to watch all of her movies. So far I’ve counted eight: The Rose, Jinxed!, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Ruthless People, Big Business, Beaches, Stella and For the Boys. Have I missed any? Also, where can I write to her? – K. S., Hamilton, Ont.

You m i s s ed 1987’s Outrageous Fortune, in which Midler was paired with Shelley Long and last year’s less-than-fortunate Scenes From a Mall, in which she and Woody Allen played a feuding couple. Both are available on video, as is Midler’s 1980 concert film Divine Madness and additional performance pieces, The Bette Midler Show (1976) and Art or Bust (1984). You can also hear her as Georgette, the pampered poodle in Walt Disney’s Oliver and Company (1988), in
which she also performs the song Perfect Isn’t Easy. Write to the Divine Miss M, % P.O. Box 46703, Los Angeles, Calif. 90043.

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