BetteBack April 8, 1992: The Pantsuit

Mister D: Duh!

Syracuse Herald Journal
April 8, 1992

PANTSUIT LOOK. What’s the look of the moment? The pantsuit. Just look at what Bette Midler, Geena Davis, Jodie Foster, Juliette Lewis, Laura Dern and Barbra Streisand wore to a recent luncheon for Oscar nominees. All of the ladies in waiting wore some form of a man-tailored suit, either double-breasted adorned with a tie or fedora, or a single-breasted number, simply enhanced with a soft silk blouse or T-shirt.

The pantsuit is being touted by designers as the look for spring. But even if you disregard the hype, the pant suit provides a lot of practical wardrobe options.

For one, the pieces are separates, which gives you greater versatility than a dress. The jacket can go over other clothes, from a catsuit to a coordinating skirt or pants.

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