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THE ONE, THE ONLY Bette Midler has agreed to sit down, in person, in the flesh, with yours truly on c from 6 to 8 p.m. at a swanky Manhattan location and talk absolute turkey for a full hour.

This is all for love of New York, for charity, civic-mindedness and, we hope, just a bit of unexpurgated, unexpected naughtiness from the Divine Miss M.

She is putting very cute, cunning limericks on her website these days so why should she hold back in person?

The truly philanthropic Elizabeth Peabody dreamed up these “conversations” several years ago for the Maria Droste Counseling Services, which helps those not so well-heeled to have psychiatric aid.

Call 212 – 889-4042 for these perfectly reasonable tickets to see Bette in person talking to Liz. (Bette has always known that I could use some extra psychic powers!)

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6 thoughts on “See Liz Smith Interview Bette Midler April 16 – More Information In Post

  1. I love Bette as well as Liz, and this event really had me excited. But at $175.00 a seat, I simply couldn’t justify such an expense during a recession. I hope somebody is able to document this wonderful event and share it online!

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