BetteBack August 18, 1992: James Caan Turns Out To Be An Ignorant Ass

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Caan blames Midler for “For The Boys” Failure
August 18, 1992

James Caan a p p a r e n t ly p a r t ed on bad terms with one co-star and d i d n ‘t get to spend enough time with a n o t h e r. Asked why For the Boys wasn’t a success, Caan blamed his co-star.

Bette Midler is very stupid,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “She’s not a bad person, but s t u p id in t e rms of gray m a t t e r. I m e a n, I like her, but I like my dog, too.”

Caan is now promoting his new f i l m, Honeymoon in Vegas, but he’s g r u m b l i ng over the lack of romantic scenes with a young actress.

“I get Sarah Jessica Parker, this hard – bodied g i r l, and I don’t get two seconds in bed with her d u r i ng the e n t i re movie. S ome t h i ng isn’t r i g ht here,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “BetteBack August 18, 1992: James Caan Turns Out To Be An Ignorant Ass

  1. LOL haha yes red it before haha, now here’s a man who understands women…. ! I say his ego or machismo was aggrieved, was’nt up too Bette beeing a women “on top”.

  2. Yes; James its everyones fault but your own. He talks bad about everyone he works with! He spoke about Sally Field (Kiss me Goodbye) and Kathy Bates (Misery) and John Wayne (El Dorado) he has nothing nice to say about anyone. John Wayne is one of my favorite actors. In El Dorado Cann played Mississippi. It was one of his first big roles and Wayne was more then accommodating in helping him with the role of the young gun slinger. When Wayne died Cann had a many nasty things to say. Hes heartless and thinks hes Gods gift to movies. I wouldn’t pay his remarks any mind…I’m sure Bette didn’t.

    1. Wendy, my dad was a huge John Wayne fan and I remember him saying bad things about him. I used to think he was just sexist, but mainly he just doesn’t seem to like people. And i really don’t remember Bette saying much of anything or anything at all about the remark. I think she figured out by then just let guys like Caan, Rivera, and Wahl dig their own graves….

  3. John was a hard man but he was also a good one for advice when needed. He was an actor who took his work to heart…James however just seems like he blames others and nothing is his fault. Like his shit smells like roses or something.

  4. I remember back then when i seen this asshole on a talk show ripping bette midler apart ! He was a real scumbag. I am very happy that he died !

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