Parental Guidance: Stranger Than Fiction

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Scenestealer: Parental Guidance
by Genevieve Loh 04:45 AM Apr 18, 2012

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: If you thought comedian’s Billy Crystal‘s hosting duties at this year’s Oscars wasn’t anything to shout about (compared to his classic turns from before) how about giving the funnyman another chance with his latest flick, Parental Guidance? Crystal teams up with Bette Midler to play Artie and Diane Decker, who are left alone with their grandchildren. All hell breaks loose as Artie’s old-school methods of parenting don’t quite win the kids over. Will this movie win audiences over? Well, it’s reported that the script is actually based on the actor’s real-life experience, after he and his wife had to take care of their grandkids for five days – and life is stranger than fiction. GENEVIEVE LOH | Opens: End 2012

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