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Neat togs, sad rags

February 4, 1993 

M O VE OVER, Mr. Blackwell. Free Press readers have their own ideas when it comes to listing the best- and worst-dressed celebrities.

And many who sent in the ballot from last Thursday’s fashion section pulled no punches about those they feel exhibit style savvy and those who are a walking fashion faux pas.

Among international celebrities, Diana, Princess of Wales and Madonna topped the best and worst-dressed (respectively) lists with readers. Each won in her category by a whopping majority.

Needless to say, there were interesting nominations. Minnie Mouse, Dracula and all the male characters from TV’s LA Law made the best-dressed poll, while Mick Jagger, Queen Victoria and Chelsea Clinton were among the many worst-dressed candidates. Go figure.

The results were tabulated from all the best- and worst-dressed ballots that flooded in. Sure, the survey was unscientific, but for Janice Sawka, the payoff was worth it as her ballot was pulled in a random draw from all entries received. Sawka wins a$100 gift
certificate from The Body Shop.

Many thanks to all who took the time to enter. In some cases, celebs received an equal number of votes. Without further ado, meet Winnipeg’s version of the good, the bad and the dowdy.


1. Diana, Princess of Wales.
2. Jackie Onassis; Julia Roberts
3. Barbara Wallers.
4. Bill Clinton; Angela Lansbury.
5. Candice Bergen; Cindy Crawford; Oprah Winfrey.
6. George Bush; Mila Mulroney; Joan Rivers; Barbra Streisand.
7. Hillary Clinton; Arsenio Hall.
8. Mariah Carey; Queen Elizabeth; Richard Gere; Jay Leno; Nicolette Sheridan; Margaret Thatcher; Pierre Trudeau.
9. Kirstie Alley; Don Cherry; Tom Cruise; Gloria Estefan; Jodie Foster; Mary Hart; Demi Moore; Christian Slater; En Vogue.
10. Cher.


1. Gary Filmon; Sylvia Kuzyk.
2. Susan Thompson.
3. Lisa Best; Sharon Carstairs.
4. Bob Essensa.
5. Brother Jake Edwards.


1. Madonna.
2. Cher.
3. Rosearine Arnold; Elizabeth Taylor.
4. Queen Elizabeth.
5. Michael Jackson.
6. Sinead O’Connor; Julia Roberts.
7. Hillary Clinton.
8. Darryl Hannah; Billy Ray Cyrus; Geena Davis; Sarah Ferguson; Zsa Zsa Gabor; Prince.
9. Woody Allen; K. D. Lang; Brian Mulroney; Axl Rose; Vanna White.
10. Barbara Bush; Kriss Kross; David Letterman; Bette Midler; Robin Williams.


I.Susan Thompson.
2. Sharon Carstairs; Larry Updike.
3.Bill Norrie.
4. Natalie Pollock.
5. Peter Warren.

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