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A Case Of Media Trying To Cause Hype?

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Bette Midler: Jennifer Lopez’s Dating Life the Butt of Entertainer’s Joke — Potent Quotables
By Contessa Gayles
Apr 19th 2012

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“Will JayLo [sic] marry that young guy? After the waiter, the first dancer, the actor and the singer? She’s been hit w/ [with] enough rice to feed Taiwan.” — Bette Midler

Outspoken singer/actress Bette Midler put Jennifer Lopez on blast via Twitter. The veteran entertainer, 66, questioned the future of J.Lo’s, 42, relationship with 25-year-old Casper Smart. She has of course already been married to Ojani Noa (“The waiter”), Cris Judd (“the first dancer”), engaged to Ben Affleck (“the actor”), and recently split from latest husband Marc Anthony (“the singer”).

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5 thoughts on “A Case Of Media Trying To Cause Hype?

  1. I wish Bette stopped twittering! I find her comments on gossip-stories from the National Enquirer and on D-list celebrities such as the Kardashians embarrassing and her political comments rude, even though I usually share her opinion.

    1. I don’t know….I think she’s found a way to express her opinions, make jokes like she does on stage, and at the same time has kept herself relevant.. I never thought I’d see the day or be saying this, but she’s found her niche in the new social media – twatting! I mean tweeting!

  2. I agree with you Don. If you search @bettemidler on Twitter most, if not all of the responses to her tweets are favorable. Twitter works well with Bette because she has a way with words and can fit a intelligent, funny statement into 140 characters.

  3. I love her tweets! They make my day. Her comments are truthful! They are what we all think and are to scared to speak up! She doesn’t let anything stand in her way of saying what’s on her mind. Its one of my fav things about her.

    1. Yes, I’m loving them too. The right wing not too much….I’m poking around their sites and stirring the pot a little….not as much as I used to, but they spend so much time calling her names instead of focusing on a good debate it’s laughable. Half the time I don’t think they have a clue about what she’s saying cause the words are too big…

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