BetteBack March 7, 1993: Bette Midler Surprises Robin Williams At The Golden Globes

Del Rio News Herald
Genie Rewards Robin–But He Wished for More
March 7, 1993

Robin Williams didn’t expect to get a Golden Globe this year. He wasn’t even nominated. But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association did invite him to its 50th award for best mime on radio.”

More likely, it was a consolation prize. Williams’ latest film, Toys, has been a disappointment–taking in just $21 million to date, while Aladdin is up to $165 -million..

Backstage, Williams held up his award. “What is this?” he teased. “IFs cardboard. It’s not framed, and it has a hole
in it.” Pointing to the tiny Golden Globe in the corner, he asked, “Is that the size I get? Maybe it’s redeemable,
like a coupon.”

“It’s art,” a member of the host committee pointed out. (It is, in fact, an original by the Yugoslav artist Mirko Hie.)
Then Williams got serious for a moment and said, “I forgot to t.ha,nk the animators. The animation is what makes it.”

“They said I was supposed to present something,” said Williams.

At the star-studded dinner in January, Williams tablehopped with Jack Nicholson. Then, midway through the ceremony, Bette Midler surprised the manic comic with a special-achievement award–the first of its kind–for his work as the genie’s voice in Aladdin, the animated Disney f i lm, “Does this mean, ‘We like you better when we don’t see you?'” asked the puzzled comic: “This is like getting an award for best mime on radio.”

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