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BetteBack November 15, 1993: Who Else Made “Wings” Fly?

Mister D: And there were many more….

Harrisonburg Daily News Record
Midler Wasn’t First To Make ‘Wings’ Fly
Jerry Osborne
November 15, 1993

DEAR JERRY: A while back you discussed some versions of “Wind-Beneath My Wings” that came after the 1989 film “Beaches.” I have what I feel is an earlier recording of the song by Sheena Easton. Am I right? Did anyone besides Bette Midler chart with this tune? RONDA WHITMAN, GASTONIA, N.C.

DEAR RONDA: For you, and for Tracy Lefebvre and Patricia Heckmann, both of the Milwaukee area, and several others who have written, here is a review of the pre-1989 charted noteworthy versions of “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

1982: Title track of a Roger Whittaker LP. (RCA Victor AFL1-4321). Included on Sheena Easton’s “Madness, Money & Music” album (EMI America ST-17080)

1983: Charted pop single for Lou Rawls (Epic 03758) and on his “When the Night Comes” LP (Epic 38553). Charted country single for Gary Morris (Warner Bros. 7-29532) and on his “Why Lady, Why” album (Warner Bros. 23738). On Roger Greenwood’s “Somebody’s Gonna Love you” LP (MCA 5403). On B.J. Thomas’ “New Looks” a l b um ( C l e v e l a nd Int’l 38561).

1984: ON Willie Nelson‘s “City of New Orleans” LP (Columbia 39145).

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