Need Feedback On Something….

Do you guys think that “SHARE” thing that pops up over images is useful or annoying? I find it annoying and it seems like you can’t save images to your computer. Can some of you comment or email me? Thanks, Mister Dang D

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10 thoughts on “Need Feedback On Something….

  1. The thing itself doesn’t bother me, but the whole wibiya thing (including the bar on the bottom) seems to slow down loading of the website for me.

    1. yeah I noticed that, but it has so many interesting features on it….may have to go thru some and take them out….thank you Sara!

  2. I do like the information it provides, as reminders, but it does seem to slow down the loading of the website. I can live with it!

    1. Thanks Stephen…also the number of posts on the first page slows it down too, so i may try a combination of slimming both things down….thanks for feedback…xx

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