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Margo On Fashion
July 4, 1972

I guess you could call Bette Midler a clotheshorse . . . but honey, you should see the clothes.

When I met the performer like whom there is no other, she was wearing deep – cuffed ecru slacks and a revealing red and white polka dot something. Actually, I think it was a bikini top. This is in a put – on – the – dog French restaurant, mind you. Anyway, the piece de resistance was that on each strap she had pinned a pair of two – inch square red dice.

It is needless to point out – if you have ever seen Miss Midler in person or on the Johnny Carson show – that she is built like Diana of Ephesus and the mostly male luncheon crowd was captivated . . . with the dice, no doubt.

Bette Midler, in her private version of haute couture, at least gets points for being consistent. Not only does she wear faint – and – die outfits offstage, but she performs in such get – ups as gold lame pedal pushers under a black Lillian Gish corselette.’ “Look,” she said, “I’m a tacky lady and I wear what feels comfortable. That’s just the way I am.”

Bette lets you know that in certain circles, she is considered a conservative dresser. “The lady who does my clothes attracted so much attention- when she stepped off the plane in Las Vegas that they arrested her.” For her clothes, I asked?

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