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Friday, August 31, 2012

Rumor Has It! Oh Shut Up Adele!: Parental Guidance….The Movie

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Video: Behind The Scenes Look ~ Walt Disney’s Third Theme Park

Mister D: Bette makes a few scenes in this “making-of” documentary Here’s a behind the scenes look at the conception and creation of Walt Disney World’s third theme park, the Disney-MGM Studios (now called Disney‘s Hollywood Studios). Taken from an old VHS recording, this television special is hosted by Fred Newman with many well known appearances from Disney’s Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg to celebrities Army Acherd, Bette Midler, Walter Cronkite, Kevin Costner, Betty White and many more.
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Actress Ari Graynor (“For A Good Time Call”): “…Bette should have a biopic. And I think we all know who should play her.”

Mister D: And Bruce Vilanch just threw his hat into the ring to play Aaron! 🙂 E Online! Why For a Good Time, Call’s Ari Graynor Is the New Queen of Comedy by John Boone August 31, 2012 “My dream is to play Bette in the biopic,” Ari Graynor told me while we discussed her newest film For a Good Time, Call. “I’m trying to put out in the ether that Bette should have a biopic. And I think we all know who should play her.” And if recent reviews for Good Time are any indication, Ari is the only candidate. “It’s an honor,” she said of the comparisons that have been drawn between her and Bette Midler. “I totally see that this character is potentially the kind of character she would’ve played….She’s an amazingly talented lady.” In the movie, Ari—best known for such hilarious fare as Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and What’s Your Number?—plays Katie, an outgoing blonde who starts a phone sex line to scrounge up some extra cash. And it’s not just small talk the customers are paying for, which requires Graynor to deliver some seriously raunchy lines (the red band trailer is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dirty talk). “The funny part about shooting it was sort of the crazier the language coming out of our mouths and the bigger the fake orgasms were, the funnier and less awkward it was,” Ari revealed about some of the more seemingly blush-inducing lingo. “It was more when there were more intimately real moments…that’s when people got blushy and nervous. It’s so clearly for comedy sake, there’s much more of an allowance to say and do but when it’s actually real and intimate people get more nervous.” And, for the record, her parents have seen it, complete with scenes involving sex toys galore! “They love it. It’s a little awkward for me to sit next to my dad when he watches it, but he assures me that he’s able to just watch me as a character and not personalize it,” Ari laughed. “[Writer and costar Lauren Miller] and I were both sitting next to Lauren’s dad in a screening the other night…and I glanced over to Scott, her father, and Scott was just staring at the screen beaming with this huge smile on his face.” But Ari wants you to know that the movie is more than just penis jokes: “The story is an intimate story of two best friends that started a phone sex line and I think it’s pretty simple. There’s a lot of sweetness in there, which is what I think people are going to be surprised of with our movie is how surprisingly sweet it is and heartfelt. And it’s sort of like Doris Day or Laverne & Shirley.” What’s next for the gal who is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand comedy actresses? There’s good news and bad. For those who’ve followed Ari’s career, you know that she has become a master of playing drunk. But not for long: “It’s been a very very long time since I’ve had one of those nights,” Ari told me about getting hammered on the big screen. “Hopefully, after this, I’ll be hanging up my drunk party girl hats.” And that isn’t the only hat she might be hanging up, as Ari tells me she’s “dying to take a little comedic break.” She continues,”I would love to be in Downton Abbey. That’s the thing I thing many people would have a good laugh with me saying anything like that. I feel like that’s the next phase of my career. To reprove to everyone that I can do things besides the crazy characters.” Just as long as she eventually returns to the outrageous, irreverent and laugh-till-it-hurts roles that made us love her.
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Bootleg Betty Jukebox: Back To School Edition Is Stocked!

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Bette Tweets: Bette On The RNC ~ Day Two

Bette MidlerBette Midler ‏@BetteMidler Good cheap gas but poisoned water? Makes sense to me! Let’s get crackin’ frackin’!!! Bette MidlerBette Midler ‏@BetteMidler “why do they all look like scared rabbits”, uttered by Marilyn, probably at a Republican Convention. Bette MidlerBette Midler ‏@BetteMidler Calista Gingrich, hair/makeup $750, Jackie O pearls @tiffany $10,000,@Armani suit, $2500. Newt’s suit, Big N Tall, $650. Order now! Bette MidlerBette MidlerVerified‏@BetteMidler OMG DID YOU HEAR WHAT JEB BUSH JUST SAID? “And my brother? Well I love my brother”…I don’t expect W will be speaking to him for a while. Bette MidlerBette Midler ‏@BetteMidler EDUCATION??? The GOP doesn’t want to pay for any kids who don’t look like them…Prop. 13, I rest my case. Bette MidlerBette Midler ‏@BetteMidler GOP to students: Ketchup is a vegetable! Eat it! Bette MidlerBette Midler ‏@BetteMidler Next week’s @rollingstone publishes @matttiabbi who reveals exactly how Mitt made his fortune at Bain. Scorching!!  
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Kathy Najimy’s Valentine To Bette Midler

The Film Experience Love Letters Pt. 2: Kathy Najimy, Rosemarie DeWitt, Xander Berkeley Thursday, August 30, 2012 Mister D: Melanie Lynskey, Guest Blogging, at The Film Experience made a dream list of people she respected and admired and sent them an e-mail saying:

I’ve seen you do work that has made me want to write you a love letter because it’s moved me so deeply. Who or what would you like to write a love letter to? What piece of art or artist or feeling has moved you in this way?” ...  Read More

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

BetteBack Video 1980: Bette Midler On “60 Minutes”

You would hardly call Bette Midler the shy or retiring type. She turns ears red with her blue jokes and doesn’t so much perform on stage as explode in a flash of emotional energy.
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Video: Leader Of The Pack ~ Bette Midler

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BetteBack: The Year In Music 1973

Daily Review The Year In Music – 1973 January 11, 1974 The year of 1973 was a good one for the music industry and a great one for KG. We put an emphasis on the young recording artists on their way up in the rock field, while at the same time interviewing the superstars of today. There is no doubt who the number one band of ’73 was – The Allman Brothers. With the long-awaited “Brothers and Sisters” disc, this fine six-man band from Macon, Ga., ruled the roost with a unique southern blues-rock sound. They worked hard on U.S. concert tours last year — live and on record they were as smooth as silk. We’ve been talking to them quite a bit lately and they have some material at home that hasn’t been released that you will not believe. The b a n d ‘s  accomplishments are all the more impressive, considering the loss of guitarist Duane Allman and bassist Barry Oakley in motorcycle accidents a year apart and in nearly the same place. There isn’t a band in the world that can come close to the Allman Brothers. On stage they’re tight and exciting — they play for hours and every song is an all-star effort. At the end of the gig it’s jam time, and no group jams better than the Allman Brothers. They could put out a 20-album package and we still wouldn’t get tired of them. BAND OF THE YEAR The Allman Brothers Last year a lot of artists came into their own as live performers and many new acts broke into the spotlight. Despite all the shortages and setbacks (like the vinyl shortage) new and good tunes kept coming our way. The up and coming group of the year has to be Marshall Tucker. This down-south rock band went a long way in ’73 with outstanding live performances in the Bay Area. They had a long-lasting disc c a l l e d “Marshall Tucker” with such tunes as “Take The Highway,” “Can’t You See,” ” L o s i n g You,” “Hillbilly Band,” “See You Later, I’m Gone,” and “Ramblin.” We just heard their second album, that will be shipped somewhere about Jan. 29, and music people are really in for a treat. Marshall Tucker really comes alive with this second effort. Others that were in the running for this award were Jim Croce, who had three albums in the top 25 at one time; Pointer Sisters, who advanced on Bette Midler‘s 1940’s nostalgia; and Focus, the newcomer from across the seas. UP AND COMING GROUP Of 1973 The Marshall Tucker Band TOP NEW ACTS OP THE YEAR 1. Marshall Tucker 2. Jim Croce 3. Pointer Sisters 4. Focus 5. Kenny Rankin 6. Joe Walsh (ex-member of James Gang now solo) 7. Robin Trower (now solo, ex-member of Procol Harum) 8. Danny O’Keefe 9. Eddie Kendricks 10. Bonnie Bramlett (ex member of Delaney and Bonnie) 11. Bonnie Raitt 12. Lee Clayton 13. Steve Goodman 14. Jimmy Buffett 15. Don Nix Again this was the year of the Allman Brothers and they took the award for the album of the year for “Brothers and Sisters.” Elton John took second place for “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” and a fourth spot with “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player.” TOP ALBUMS OF 1973 1. Brothers and Sisters, Allman Brothers, Capricorn 2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John, MCA 3. Laid Back, Gregg Allman, Capricorn 4. Don’t Shoot Me, I’m The Piano Player, Elton John, MCA 5. Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd, Harvest 6. Rocky Mountain High, John Denver, RCA 7. The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, Atlantic  8. Killing Me Softly, Roberta Flack, Allantic 9. Talking Book, Steve Wonder, Tamlia 10. They Only Come Out at Nighl, Edgar Winter, Epic 11. Captain and Me, Doobie Brothers, Warner Bros. 12. Angel Clare, Art Garfunkel, Columbia 13. There Goes Rhymin Simon, Paul Simon, Columbia 14. Behind Closed Doors, Epic, Charlie Rich 15. The Marshall Tucker Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, Capricorn 16. Full Sail, Loggins & Messina, Columbia 17. Diamond Girl Seals & Crofts, Warner 18. Song For Juli, Jesse Colin Young, Warner 19. Chicago VI, Chicago, Columbia 20. I Got A Name, Jim Croce, ABC 21. Innervisions, Stevie Wonder, Tamlia 22. Down The Road, Stephen Stills-Manassa, Atlantic 23: Jesus Was A Capricorn, Kris Kristofferson, Monument 24. The Pointer Sisters, The Pointer Sisters, Blue Thumb 25. Still Alive And Well, Johnny Winter, Columbia 26. Band On The Run, Paul McCartney and Wings, Apple 27. Red Rose Speedway, Paul McCartney, Apple 28. Roger. Daltrey, Roger Daltrey Track Records 29. Wake of The Flood, Grateful Dead, Grateful Dead Records 30. Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall, Bill Withers, Sussex 31. Bette Midler, Bette Midler, Atlantic 32. The Joker, The Steve Miller Band, Capitol 33. Maria Muldaur, Maria Muldaur, Warner Bros. 34. Leon Live, Leon Russell, Shelter Records 35. Quadrophenia, The Who, Tracks 36. Imagination, Gladys Knight & The Pips Buddah 37. Life and Times, Jim Croce, ABC 38. You Don’t Mess Around With Jim, Jim Croce, ABC 39. Living In The Material W o r l d / George Harrison, Apple 40. Houses of The Holy, Led Zeppelin. Atlantic Again it is Allman Brothers and Elton John back-to-back in the concerts of the year awards. The Allman Brothers were excellent at the Coliseum but even better at Winterland. Elton was a little more talented and less showy in Oakland this year, and he comes in second. The Coliseum had its share of great shows this year, and one of them was Leon Russell, Loggins and Messina, Elvin B i s h o p and Mary McCreary — outdoors no less. Leon, of course, was the key, and by far the best gig outdoors in’73. BEST CONCERT OF THE YEAR 1. Allman Brothers, Winterland 2. Elton ‘ John, Oakland Coliseum 3. Leon Russell, Oakland Coliseum 4. Steve Stills, Winterland 5. Jethro Tull, Oakland Coliseum 6. Crosby & Nash, Civic Aud. 7. Carole King, Civic Aud. 8. Boz Scaggs, Keystone Berkeley 9. Van Morrison, Keystone Berkeley 10. America, Berkeley Comm. 11. Seals & Crofts, Berkeley Comm 12 Loggins i Messina, Berkeley Comm. 13. Grateful Dead, Kezar 14. Johnny Winter, Orphanage Only one male performer in 1973 had two albums in the No. 1 spot in the national chart ratings – Elton John. Second in our rating was Greg Allman, a key member of the Aliman Brothers and who had a strong solo disc, “Laid Back.” TOP MALE PERFORMER OF THE YEAR 1. Elton John 2. Greg Allman 3. Jim Croce 4. Steven Stills 5. Leon Russell 6. Stevie Wonder 7. Art Garfunkel 8. Paul Simon 9. Kris Kristofferson For the female entertainers of the year it was a close battle between Bette Midler and Roberta Flack. Bette won out with her hit album of “Divine Miss M” which opened the way for a new superstar and for her great performance in Berkeley a few months back. TOP FEMALE PERFORMER OF THE YEAR 1. Bette Midler 2. Roberta Flack 3. Diana Ross 4. Carole King 5. Maria Muldaur COMEBACK OF THE YEAR 1. Steve Miller 2. Johnny Winter 3. Art Garfunkel SOUNDTRACK OF THE YEAR 1. Lady Sings The Blues, Diana Ross 2. Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid-Bob Dylan JAZZ GROUP OF THE YEAR 1. The Crusaders GUITARIST OF THE YEAR 1. Dick Betts (Allman Brothers) BetteBack: Renowned Critic Gives “Bette Midler” A Fair To Middlin’ Review BetteBack: THE AMERICAN Guild of Variety Artists Awards Bette Midler With “Rising Star Of The Year” BetteBack 1974: Miss M’s Top 10 Favorite Albums

BetteBack Review: Bette Midler’s Second Album, “Bette Midler” Is Released… ...  Read More

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BetteBack 1974: Bette Becomes Disillusioned With Fame

Mister D: Most of Bette’s disillusionment of fame had to do with Rolling Stone magazine‘s bilious review of her second eponymously titled album, “Bette Midler” Benton Harbor News Palladium Being A Star Very Tiring For Bette By Robin Adams Sloan January 10, 1974   FLASH! WHO IS DISILLUSIONED BY FAME? Bette Midler, the new record and performing sensation, is reportedly so exhausted by her rise to the top that she says, “I did 150 cities in eleven minutes,” and canceled everything after January 1, including three TV shows. She is even threatening to retire from show biz, saying wearily, “1 always said I’d quit if it stopped being fun.” Bette will take a rest, but as for her threats to stop singing — well, she tries out new material each night and that doesn’t sound like quitting to us.
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