Bette On The Boards Presents: Bette Midler – Miss Millennium Tour (Dress Rehearsal)

Clip one: Originally there was going to be a rap number during the Delores DeLago segment featuring a turned over wheelchair as a DJ table (genius!) and the Harlettes acting like gangsters. Unfortunately this number was cut at the last minute, but luckily this footage exists from a dress rehearsal that shows what this segment would have been like.

Clip two: Bette and the Harlettes try on their new mermaid tails for the first time during this dress rehearsal only to discover that there is no rubber on the bottom to keep them from slipping on the stage. Bette suggests a strange remedy, but apparently this is indeed a trick of the trade.

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8 thoughts on “Bette On The Boards Presents: Bette Midler – Miss Millennium Tour (Dress Rehearsal)

  1. So interesting to see a Divine’s rehearsal. I wish a could see the Millennium concert as well.

    Mr. D, I didn’t quite understand the KFC video. What was that? A short indie criticising the fast-food chain? Why? Are the against gays?


    1. Marcos, a big fast food chicken franchise, Chic-Fil-A came out openly against marriage equality and gays in general due to the religious beliefs of the CEO….he made a statement condemning it. In a nutshell it caused a firestorm of publicity so Funny Or Die did a parody with their competitor, KFC, whose founder was Col. Sanders in favor of gays and Bette Midler! It really is a big stink over here….the right wing has now politicized fast food chicken….it’s just a mess!

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