Who Do You Think Will Win The Battle Of The Box Office Divas On Christmas Day?

Use your own critical thinking skills…and vote accordingly. Be honest!

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23 thoughts on “Who Do You Think Will Win The Battle Of The Box Office Divas On Christmas Day?

  1. well according to Rotten Tomatoes The Guilt Trip has a 90% “want to see it” while Parental Guidance is at 77% “want to see it” ….

    1. @Marcos: I agree ours will be biased, but I was hoping people would vote honestly after doing some critical thinking about the situation….Seth Rogen is popular but his movies seem to be supplying diminishing returns plus I think more families will go to a family-oriented movie like Bette’s on Christmas Day rather than an R rated like Streisand’s. Ultimately it will come down to the writing and which one hits the audience’s funny bone….I agree with Matty…I think more people are ready for America’s sweetheart, Bette! Altho I am a Babs fan, too, she did nothing for me in the Meet The Parents movies….xx

  2. It’s called ROTTEN Tomatoes for Christs sake! lol….America loves Bette more (maybe i’m biased) but after her string of comedies from 80’s & 90’s I think they’re ready for more BETTE 😉

  3. Well, I’m pretty sure Les Miserables is coming out on Christmas day and that certainly isn’t a “family oriented” film.

    Barbra’s movie is going to be a bigger hit than Bette’s at least in the first weekend – due to the fact that more people of this generation know about Seth Rogen and even Kathy Najimy who is also in the film. Not to mention, although you aren’t crazy over Barbra in Meet The Fockers and Little Fockers (which she was in all of 5 mins anyway), she did a smart thing taking that role. MTF was a hit, and Bette hasn’t had a hit in a LONG time (dare I say First Wives Club? All of her cameo roles don’t count as Bette Midler hit films to me). I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble here but that’s just the way it’s going to be. I still love Bette, but something tells me that the premise of Parental Guidance movie is going to bore me to tears. I hope I am wrong, though.

    Personally, I will be seeing ALL THREE films LOL. Bette and Barbra movies plus a movie based on my favorite musical of all time? THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN and I’m excited! I plan on ditching Xmas day completely this year and spending it at the theater. I actually think Les Miserables will wipe the floor with Bette & Barbra’s films, due to the fact that there are TONS of well known and popular actors in that movie (not to mention all theater buffs will come out by the droves!) I’m going to have to head to AAA to get me some half price movie tickets and soon!

    1. That’s the kind of thinking I was talking about! You can love Bette and still think her movie might not win…however, I think the family movie will win for a Christmas Day with PG13 rating which I’m assuming it will get. I want to see all three myself, but with Les Miz being a musical and dark in nature…it’ll probably come in last (don’t you think it will be in limited release?) And I do love Babs, too, but she’s more polarizing than Bette, plus Seth Rogen is starting to show diminishing returns as far as his movies are concerned and I bet it gets hit with an R rating….I wish they could all just tie…lol I may do the 3 movies in a day, too!

  4. well , as much as I love Bette ( and despise Barbra, lol) I believe the HOBBIT will have them lined up. I am so looking forward to Les Mis. Baz Luhrmann’s THE GREAT GATSBY also opens Christmas day… it is going to be chock full of films to see. Almost any kind of film you want to try will be on screen that day…. It will be hard for either Bette or Barbra to get a toe hold on that audience. No matter what , it is good to see her back on screen in what could, possibly, be a good family comedy. 🙂

  5. that is what I read, I looked up the films that open Christmas day and that was listed… hence the reason I voted “other” and typed in Ian McKellan , LOL 😉

    1. Well I hope DiCaprio’s Gatsby movie is better than the one from the 70’s because it was a total bore….

  6. Imdb.com says Miss M’s film comes out on DEC/21/2012;
    Streisand’s on DEC/25/2012;
    The Hobbit’s on DEC/14/2012, as well as Les Misérables. I feel the later is going to be either a hit or a flop, no mid-term position.

    They’ve pushed Barbra’s movie to April in my country, Brazil, so it is NOT a heavy weight.

    I like Streisand a lot, but I want The Divine One to have a great big hit with Parental Guidance. I want her often in movies.

    1. No it should still be coming out the 25th….the New York Times just announced it because they had made a mistake in their original date…..

    2. Also The Hobbit has been moved to 2013 from what I remember reading….so has The Great Gatsby….I think Les Miz will falter….it’s just too dark of an experience and personally I found it to be a big bore in the theater and I went twice just to make sure I was really that bored! LOL

  7. Mr. D, do you have any idea why would they postpone The Hobbit for a year?! The Lord of the Rings films were great big hits, why wait to make more money?! Very strange…

    Don, you are the only one who would pay again to see something boring and be sure that it was really boring.

    1. LOL at that last line…good one, Marcos, but you’re right on. I didn’t understand what all the hoopla was about, so I tried to give it a second chance….the only interesting thing was the staging and one song! But I do that stuff out of fairness.

      I don’t know why they would delay it and I’ll surprise you again….only saw one Harry Potter movie and one Lord of the Rings, and I won’t be seeing The Hobbit….I don’t know why, because I loved that sort of stuff as a kid, but I’m just not intriqued by it anymore. However, if someone forced me to watch it I probably would enjoy it! I know , I’m a weird bird!

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