Another Film Reviewer Compares Ali Graynor (For A Good Time Call) To Bette Midler

Mister D: The reason I’m mentioning her again is that 3-4 film reviews have compared her to Bette Midler….Entertainment Weekly, Film Journal, Cinemablend, Coming Soon and more….I’m always on the lookout for who could play Bette in some kind of bio-pic…and it looks like this young lady could be  a contender…. she is also appearing in The Guilt Trip with Seth Rogen and Streisand this Christmas.

Entertainment Weekly
For A Good Time Call
Reviewed by Owen Gleiberman
August 29, 2012

Where the characters in Bachelorette seem to be pining for an innocence they never had, the two heroines of For a Good Time, Call… manage to outdo them in raunch and still come off as sweetly ingenuous. The movie, directed by Jamie Travis, is crudely shot and about as thin as a mediocre sitcom, yet its central situation is disarmingly funny – and, after a while, oddly winning. Lauren (Lauren Miller), laid off from her publishing job, moves in with Katie (Ari Graynor), a distant acquaintance she has despised since college (the feeling is mutual). Neither one of them can really afford to live in New York City on her own. Katie, like the Lena Dunham character on HBO’s Girls, calls herself a ”writer,” but she pays the rent by working for a phone-sex service, and that’s something she’s got a gift for.

It’s Lauren who gets the idea of starting their own dirty-talk line. This is basically the kickoff for a high-concept farce, but it’s not just the matter-of-fact explicitness that’s funny. It’s the way that talking like lusty ”tramps” on the phone liberates these two. Lauren Miller (who co-wrote the script) has a demure sneakiness, but it’s Ari Graynor’s movie – she’s like Kate Hudson possessed by the spirit of Bette Midler. And all the better off for it. For a Good Time, Call…: B

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