Who Would Designer Michael Kors Most Like To Duet With?

The New York Post
The book of Michael
September 5, 2012

New York Post: Last year at Fashion’s Night Out, your store was “the” place to be. How do you deal with having such ardent fans?

MICHAEL KORS: I love it! Even when I started out,Iwanted to do personal appearances so I could meet customers.

NYP: OK, we have to ask: This year, why an FNO karaoke contest?

MK: Fashion, at the end of the day, really should be about fun.

NYP: What would you sing first?

MK: Although I’m no Sinatra, “New York, New York” is a must.

NYP: With whom would you most like to sing a duet?

MK: If I could be at the microphone with Bette Midler, it would be great fun! Several years ago, I got to sing “Defying Gravity” with IdinaMenzel. I am no Kristin Chenoweth.

NYP: Any surprisingly great singing voices in the fashion world?

MK: Stan Herman can belt it out!

NYP: What genre of music is your favorite?

MK: I love pretty much everything, although my faves are great singer/songwriters like Rufus Wainwright.

NYP: Favorite all-time album?

MK: Joni Mitchell, “Ladies of the Canyon.”

NYP: Good choice! So, is your love of karaoke related to your love of Broadway?

MK: I love a passionate performance.

NYP: Are you partial to musicals?

MK: You do know who you’re interviewing, right?

NYP: Sorry! What’s your favorite backstage Broadway moment?

MK: Congratulating Bernadette Peters after “ALittle Night Music” and having [Stephen] Sondheim walk into the room. That was unbelievable.

NYP: Has music influenced your fashion?

MK: Absolutely. Just like a great song, a great fashion moment is about telling a story and evokingamood.

NYP: Who chooses the music for your shows?

MK: My husband, Lance [LePere], and I work with the amazing Michel Gaubert.

NYP: Which singer/performer would you choose as a fashion muse?

MK: Diana Ross–she’s the ultimate in glamour.

NYP: Switching over to “Project Runway,” it seems that show is re-energized, especially in the workroom. What do you attribute this to?

MK: Fashion is always about the creators involved, and is always about what’s new!

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