BetteBack 1975: Bette Talks About Her 15 Month Sabbatical

Apr. 14, 1975

“I come from a background where work is an honorable thing, and it finally got to me,” explained combustive Singer Bette Midler after her 15-month absence from the stage. Midler abruptly stopped short her career in December 1973 and set out for a visit with her family in Honolulu, a tour of Paris art museums, and a respite in the Caribbean. “I learned a lot,” says Bette of her sabbatical, “about dancing, speaking, singing and juggling.” All of which Midler has incorporated into her new revue, Clams on the Half Shell, which opened last week in Philadelphia. During her break, the prodigal star added, she also found time to do some reading, including Erica Jong‘s raunchy bestseller, Fear of Flying. “I’m not afraid of flying,” observes Midler coolly, “and I wouldn’t mind a Chinese husband.” –

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