Celebrity Reactions To The 3rd Presidential Debate

Here’s what the stars had to say on Twitter during Monday’s Obama-Romney final showdown:

Bill Maher: “Can’t believe i have to tear myself away from the Giants-Cardinals game for this sh*t again. I mean, isn’t debating exciting?”

Aziz Ansari: “I know I was shitting on the undecided voters and their questions last time, but this sh*t is mad boring without them :(”

Roger Ebert: “Romney for gender equality in Middle East–not so much with equal pay and women’s rights at home. #debate”

Sarah Silverman: “I don’t think @mittromney has the temperament 2b a leader. Look how mad he’s getting he’s like a high school bully”

John Legend: “obama’s making it very hard for romney to disagree with him without sounding like a hawk. romney is basically saying ditto all night.”

Jared Leto: “”˜Kill’ a word used too many times by Mitt Romney already”

Donald Trump: “.@MittRomney looks much calmer, and Obama should stop nodding his head backwards and forward.”

Zach Braff: “I’m friends with an ass-ton of Israelis. None want Romney.”

Bette Midler: “Watching with Gov Chris Christie. We’re an item. Yes he’s married but he likes a little something on the side. Better me than curley fries.

Will.i.am: “Come on my website??? Are you serious”¦???? That reply Means romney don’t know shiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!hhhhhhh”

Dane Cook: “Is Obama trying to hypnotize Romney?”

Hollywood Reacts to Final Debate: Obama’s Horses & Bayonets vs. Romney’s Very Strong America
by Natalie Finn Today 8:53 PM PDT

Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama, Bob Schieffer Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney threw down the gauntlet one last time tonight–and the Twitterverse was ready.

The politically inclined corner of Hollywood was again hanging on every word of the candidates’ third and final debate before the Nov. 6 election, this one devoted to foreign policy and how the sitting president and his challenger plan to lead the United States forward.

Here’s what the celebs had to say in 140 characters (or much, much more):

Michelle Obama: Barack’s steady leadership has made us stronger and safer than we were four years ago. That was clear tonight. ”“mo#ProudOfObama

Bill Maher: OK, one last try: We have fewer Andrews Sisters and Ritz Brothers than we did in 1944. So glad we’re done with THAT!…Plus: I’ve seen wider ideological differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses…And: First debate, all agreed, Obama lost; second one, i say he won, but Romney not trounced. But this one? Only bubbledwellers can say Mitt won.

Alec Baldwin: Point goes to Mitt that China is a currency manipulator…And: O is cool, collected, Presidential. Mitt is throwing everything at the screen except the Pumpkin Papers.

Sarah Silverman: Leaders aren’t leaders because they really really wanna be the leader you poor limited man

Lindsay Lohan: Nice work to both @BarackObama and@mittromney… i’m so relieved that its over. Maybe more than both of you..severe anxiety-God Bless xo L

Samuel L. Jackson: Why do the same A–HOLES continue to follow me in hopes that I’ll recognize their pathetic opinions? Oh, wait I just did! Carry on. GOBAMA!!

Michelle Williams: Lawd Lawd…..a twitter page called Romney’s Airbrush is following me! Hahahahahahahahaha! Good Night! Hahahahaha!!

Giuliana Rancic: I love watching the families chatting on stage after #debate. Wish I could read lips!#whatrtheysaying

Bette Midler: Ah, bedtime. Hope I don’t wake up in a cold sweat over the undecideds…Plus: “Something something something on a Cross of Gold!!” “Bayonets and horses” will go into the history books…

Moby: Now listening to jimi hendrix. Perfect antidote to mitt romney the whiney liar. The only thing authentic about mitt romney is his hair.

Piers Morgan: VERDICT; Obama narrow win tonight..polls don’t change much tomorrow…race still very tight.

Kathy Griffin: Wtf? Why aren’t my hilarious & astute tweets on the bottom @MSNBC ticker?

Aubrey O’Day: This isn’t going to come down to Romney being a better candidate, he’s not. Fact. It’s going to come down to how much one dislikes Obama…Plus: Strongest debate performance by Obama thus far. In command of the facts. Happy that Mitt’s anxiety & painful performance has come 2 an end.

Michael Moore: Here in Michigan, we retooled our entire state economy so we could export Romney to Massachusetts…Plus: Mitt’s 5 PointPlan:1.It’s just a jump to the left 2.A step to the right 3.Hands on ur hips 4.Bring ur knees in tight 5.Drive yourself insane

Scott Baio: Fact: During the debate tonight a active duty Marine contacted Fox News to say they still use bayonets.

Drew Carey: Romney handed Obama easy lobs all night. No surprises for the Pres. #Debates

Ann Curry: Loved when Bob Schieffer quoted his mom: “Go vote, it makes you feel big and strong.”

Chad Johnson: I’m sure the debate is good but there’s no way Obama/Romney top last weeks debate… that s–t was f-ing exciting across the board…

will.i.am: Those who aren’t watching you should be proud that we have a strong leader in@BarackObama …we will fight our problems 1by1 together #vote

Christina Applegate: no secret that I am one of them hippie dippie liberal types. It’s just my core belief. But I’m not going to say who to vote for just vote!

Kelly Bensimon: Americans are strong leaders. Who is going to be our commander in chief? I’m pro american not pro debate team. Make the right choice

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