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Hocus Pocus
by Chris Azzopardi – SGN Contributing Writer

Hocus Pocus
When Hocus Pocus flew into multiplexes on a broomstick in 1993, it was a silly farce that, in hindsight, had lots of Gay cred going for it: Besides Bette Midler, it also starred a pre-Sex and the City/Glee Sarah Jessica Parker. Ahead of its time, it was already mirroring a culture that would become obsessed with using Botox to erase wrinkles. But these three witches (also including Kathy Najimy as the really stupid one) were more resourceful than we were when it came to hiding the fact that they’re actually three centuries old. Just give them the youthfulness of a child and all those years go bye-bye. (Talk about hocus-pocus.) The tricky trio ham it up in this Disney flick – especially Midler, with her serious rabbit grill – that’s as much for kids as it is for diva-obsessed, Carrie Bradshaw-loving Queers who revel in the awesomeness of seeing their girls cause trouble and ride on hard sticks. The hi-def experience certainly makes this movie more magical, but someone should conjure the Spirit of Special Features – they’re nowhere to be found on this Blu-ray.

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