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Tonight On Jay Leno: Marisa Tomei Talks “Parental Guidance”

Oops Doughnuts ‏@OopsDoughnuts GET EXCITED FOR TONIGHT!!! Watch @marisatomei chat about her upcoming film @ParentalGMovie on…

Bette And Billy To Be On UK BBC Radio 2 On Christmas Eve

Kim Catrall tweeted that she, Elliot Gould, Bette Midler & Billy Crystal will be on UK…

A Midler Must Read: Rebuilding Cities After Sandy ~ Three Keys to Climate Resilience

HuffPost By: Manish Bapna Executive Vice President and Managing Director, World Resources Institute November 30, 2012…

In Honor Of Bette’s Birthday Tomorrow: Bette Midler’s Style Evolution Through The Years

Huffington Post Bette Midler Style Evolution: From Blue Eyeshadow To Blue Pant Suits (PHOTO) By Michelle…

Happy Birthday Bette Midler Fundraiser Open Till December 31! Get Your Card And Donations In!

(Bette with The Rockettes) Happy Birthday Bette Midler Fundraiser 2012 ~ Bootleg Betty Dear Betteheads: Okay, this is…

Video: Oh My My/Friends ~ Bette Midler ~ 1976

“Friends – Oh My My!” And I am all alone. There is no one here beside…

BetteBack 1976: Midler ~ More Pastrami, Less SurfBoards (February 20, 1976)

Boston Herald (Boston, MA) Friday, February 20, 1976

BetteBack 1976: Bette Takes Harvard By Storm (February 18, 1976)

Boston Herald (Boston, MA) Wednesday, February 18, 1976  

Update: Upcoming Bette Midler Television Appearances (2012)

Update: Upcoming Bette Midler Television Appearances (2012) Nightline ~ December 13, 2012 ~ Thursday, ABC (11:35…

Video: Bruce Vilanch on John Travolta, Bette Midler, and Lady Gaga

Rich Adler interviews Bruce Vilanch on John Travolta, Bette Midler, Lady Gaga, and more at the…

Is It Possibe That Bette And Billy Could Be Nominated For A Golden Globe? Yes…

The Hollywood Reporter Golden Globes Preview: Comedy, Music Get Their Due November 29, 2012 Oscar is…

Parental Guidance: What Song Are Bette And Billy Singing….? I Don’t Know…

Bette Tweets: “This Pig Stole My Act!”

Audio: Tragedy (from the album “Songs For The New Depression) ~ Bette Midler

Tragedy Songwriters: Burch, Fred; Nelson, Gerald; Wind storm, comes the sound From the stars my dark…

BetteBack 1976: A Pair Of Combustible Crowd-Pleasers (February 11, 1976)

Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Wednesday, February 11, 1976

BetteBack 1976: Save Your Self Bette ~ Don’t Do A TV Special (February 15, 1976)

Seattle Daily Times (Seattle, WA) Sunday, February 15, 1976

Bette and her Glam Squad ~ Robert Amos Productions

Video: Bette Midler & Billy Crystal ~ Christmas In Rockefeller Center

Photo: Bette And Billy At “Christmas In Rockefeller Center”

For more photos: Click Here

Save The Dates: Upcoming TV Appearaces: Bette Midler

Upcoming TV Appearances For Bette Midler: Christmas In Rockefeller Center ~ Tonight, NBC (8-9 p.m. ET)…

New Photo: Bette Midler With Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden

Bette Midler With Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden

Tonight: Bette Midler, Billy Crystal, Mariah Carey, And Others Light Up “Christmas in Rockefeller Center”

Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey and Tony Bennett will perform on “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” at 8…

Video: Birds ~ Bette Midler

Birds (written by Neil Young) “Oh, that’s so heavy. We’re goanna do a, a Neil Young…

BetteBack 1976: Bette Midler Wows Cleveland; Films For Posterity! (February 7, 1976)

Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) In Review Saturday, February 7, 1976

BetteBack 1976: Bruiser? (February 9, 1976)

State Times Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA) Monday, February 9, 1976

Reminder: Bette Midler & Billy Crystal Light Up The Christmas Tree @ Rockefeller Center, Wed, Nov. 28, (8-9 p.m. ET)

Bette Midler & Billy Crystal Light Up The Christmas Tree At Rockefeller Center, Wednesday, Nov. 28,…

Audio: Love Says It’s Waiting ~ Bette Midler

Love Says It’s Waiting You were told to wait there for love. Love says it’s waiting…

BetteBack 1976: “Songs” Lacks Simple Power Of A Strong Tune (January 30, 1976)

Boston Herald (Boston, MA) Songs For The New Depression Friday, January 30, 1976

BetteBack 1976: Bette Midler’s Career On Fire Again…. (February 1, 1976)

Times-Picayune Sunday, February 1, 1976

Video: Mr. Rockefeller ~ Bette Midler ~ Bette On The Boards

BetteBack 1976: Bette’s Back (January 30, 1976)

Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Bette Is Back Friday, January 30, 1976

BetteBack 1976: The Prince And The Pauperess (January 25, 1976)

Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA) The Prince Finds A New Show Girl Sunday, January 25, 1976

Audio: Mr. Rockefeller ~ Bette Midler

Mr. Rockefeller “Hi, operator.” “May I help you?” “Yeah, it’s me again. Did you get him…

BetteBack 1976: Your Best Bette (January 18, 1976)

Dallas Morning News Your Best Bette Sunday, January 18, 1976

BetteBack 1976: Bette ~ Worth Her Weight In Gold (January 14, 1976)

State Times Advocate Hollywood Hotline Wednesday, January 14, 1976

Audio: Shiver Me Timbers/Samedi Et Venderedi ~ Bette Midler

“Shiver Me Timbers / Samedi Et Vendredi” Well, I’m leavin’ my family, leavin’ all my friends.…

BetteBack 1976: Songs For The New Depression

Lawrence Journal World Women sparkle on new releases February 21, 1976 International Women’s Year may be…

Parental Guidance director Andy Fickman & actor Joshua Rush discussing the movie! Plus new scene from the movie!

Watch the latest video at

Bette Midler Reacts To Receiving “Woman Of The Year” Award From Hasty Pudding Theatrical Club

The Five Second Rule ~ “Parental Guidance” ~ Opening December 25, 2012

Video: Istanbul ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: Bette Performs “Depression” In The Round

Mister D: This is the performance that I saw on this tour…. Frederick News Post High…

Video: CeCe Frey’s Tearful Dedication – THE X FACTOR USA 2012

CeCe Frey performed Bette Midler‘s “Wind Beneath My Wings,” dedicated to her sister who passed away…

Happy Thanksgiving From “Parental Guidance”

Have A Divine Happy Thanksgiving!

Audio: No Jestering ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: Bette Midler Receives Harvard’s “Woman Of The Year” Award

Appleton Post Crescent Bette Midler receives Harvard’s woman award February 18, 1976 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) –…

BetteBack 1976: Midler Wows Hasty Pudding, Gets Award

Bennington Banner Midler Wows Hasty Pudding, gets award By WAKREN TALBOT February 19, 1976 CAMBRIDGE, Mass.…

Star Of New “Scrooge And Marley,” Bruce Vilanch, Gives Great Interview

Windy City Times Wigging out with Bruce Vilanch MOVIES by Jorjet Harper 2012-11-21 The world contains…

Audio ~ Buckets Of Rain ~ Bob Dylan & Bette Midler