Audio: Demo of Paul Simon And Bette Midler’s Demo Duet, “Gone At Last”

Gone At Last’, a duet with Phoebe Snow, was originally planned to be sung with Bette Midler but Paul Simon and Midler couldn’t agree on the arrangement of the song. This is the demo of Paul and Bette’s version.

Gone at Last [Demo Version] by Paul Simon on Grooveshark

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4 thoughts on “Audio: Demo of Paul Simon And Bette Midler’s Demo Duet, “Gone At Last”

  1. Very gospel! Kind of reminds me of Delta Dawn some….Her voice is awesome! I sense she really enjoyed making this. You can hear the beginning vibes of Paul Simon’s GRACELAND beginning here…

    I don’t know if the first and the second boxes were supposed to indicate different arrangements, I like box two, even if they were the same (go figure) I even recall Phoebe Snow/Paul Simon’s hit!

    Please uncover more gems…..

    1. No…in the end he fastened up the song, put a piano in it and made it more gospel. She did a version of the song in “Clams” that sounded a lot like the version he put out with Phoebe Snow. The inside rumor is that they had an affair and when it went bad he just dropped Bette and got another female voice. The official press release said the record companies wouldn’t cooperate. Bette and Paul for years did not talk to one another but patched things up in 1984 while recording “We Are The World” Now they are friends….xx

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