Some Notes On Bette Midler’s Appearance On Oprah


* She loved doing Vegas, but had adrenal failure towards the end (extremely fatigued)
* She had perfect attendance while performing in Vegas. Her motivation was that ushers and workers didn’t get paid if the performer missed a show. Unacceptable to Bette.

* Being energetic is the norm for Bette
* Fame is not what it’s cracked up to be. She expected better parts than she got after “The Rose
* One of her legs was bandaged from falling over some 2 x 4’s while showing some ladies one of her gardens

* Biggest Regret: Firing Aaron Russo ~ she told him that before he died.
* Her twitter war with Lady Gaga was meant as a joke, but Gaga’s follower’s misunderstood her
* She absolutely does not want “Wind Beneath My Wings” played at her funeral. She was something more Hasidic….

* Loves the process of movie-making and seeing the end result.
* Afraid of ending up in horror movies like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.
* NYRP ~ Nice to build things that people come to see and enjoy…

* Best Decision: Marrying Martin and having Sophie. He grounds her, gives her space.
* She’s not easy to live with.
* Vegas wore her out so she decided to take a hiatus and learn some new things…like guitar

* Right now…she’s recalibrating…figuring out what to do next…

* No talk of new CD or tour….showed photos and clips we’ve mostly seen before…

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3 thoughts on “Some Notes On Bette Midler’s Appearance On Oprah

  1. Mr. D, thank you so much for your notes. For the ones who weren’t able to watch Oprah’s show they were divine.


  2. actually I’d pay money to just have her sit on a stage and do nothing.

    the thought of her playing a guitar or yukalaylee just herself, maybe a piano

    backup if she wants. Much too much for my heart, wonder if a compression bra

    would subside the palpataition. the GAGA comment about “you can keep the

    meat dress, the wheel chair is mine. Loved it! Stripes going in the right direction

    about her capris was a hoot. Other people in the stripes look like curved mirrors at

    a carnival. Can’t get enough of her and await the Christmas release of her new

    movie.!! we will see her again on stage. This girl knows her peeps will peck their

    to seats if they must. Thanks so much for keeping this site open so I can survive

    in the interim!


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