Midler Still Struggling To Find Herself ~ Her Work’s Not Finished

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Bette Midler Struggling to Be Happy
By Brittney R. Villalva , Christian Post Reporter
November 13, 2012|8:45 am

Award-winning actress, comedian, singer, and businesswoman Bette Midler has a slew of talents and a 28-year marriage to boot. But in a recent interview on Oprah, she admitted that she was still only 60 percent of who she wanted to be.

There aren’t many who would argue that Midler isn’t one of the most successful women in the business, but Midler herself is less willing to agree. During an interview with Oprah on Sunday night, the 66-year-old woman broke down into tears after admitting that she was still struggling to find her footing in Hollywood. In her own views, Midler is just a little more than half of the woman that she wants to be.

“I’ve settled into myself about 60 percent, the other 40 is still struggling … The vestiges of that, ‘Got to get there, got to get there.’ The vestiges of that are still alive and they make themselves felt,” Midler told Oprah during her appearance on OWN.

Midler, however, is not ungrateful for what she does have and spoke fondly of her family.

“I think I’m there but that 40 percent is just still making noise. But I’ve raised a fabulous daughter, my marriage has lasted 28 years,” she told the talk show host.

When asked if marrying her husband, Martin von Haselberg, was one of the best life decisions that she had made, Midler threw in a firm, “Absolutely, yes.”

Most of Midler’s disappointment appears to come from the idea that Hollywood is a “young person’s” game.

“I don’t get offers- I usually take what is offered to me,” she said earlier this month during an interview with The Los Angeles Times. Midler added that movie producers were more interested in superheroes “dressed in suits that go clank-clank-clank up the street.”

“And who can blame the studios? That’s what the shareholders want – blockbusters,” she added.

Midler will be back on the big screen this Christmas, playing the role of a grandma in “Parental Guidance.”

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