Screw The Producer’s Cap…I’m Just Performing!

Coming to theaters later this month, PARENTAL GUIDANCE stars BETTE MIDLER and BILLY CRYSTAL as wacky grandparents drafted into babysitting duties when their daughter calls with an emergency request for assistance. Directed by ANDY FICKMAN from a script that was punched up by longtime screen-writing partners LOWELL GANZ and BABALOO MANDEL, the film promises plenty of holiday hi jinks aimed at the whole family .

BETTE MIDLER (as always) proves that she can do anything and turns in another great comedy performance. Unlike previous films, MIDLER now chooses to eschew behind the scenes grunt work and concentrate on performing. During an interview we did with her a while back, she talked about her movie career and losing her interest in being a producer. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

To listen to the audio: Click Here

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