Notes On “The View” 12-20-2012

Mister D: Remember. I’m not a fashionista and I’m colorblind. With that in mind, here are the highlights from Bette’s “The View” appearance:

* Bette looks great. Her hair is short. Wearing tight leather pants, ankle high shoe with heals, a satin top, with a suede, collared waist coat. I want to say everything is in the color brown family….lol

* Bette and Billy say it was a ham fest on the set.

* Bette was Billy’s first choice to play his wife.

* They’re first meeting to discuss the script, Bette already acted like his wife…eating off his plate, insisting on driving, kept finishing his sentences….

* They’ve been friends for over 30 years. Both say they’ve worked together before but they couldn’t remember on what it was…

* They talked about new and old ways of parenting. Bette always asks herself “Are you using good judgement?”

* They talk about hi-tech for a little bit…mostly Billy who was very funny….

* Sophie is in drama school….you have to let children be what they want to be and not force them to do otherwise.

* Bailee Madison didn’t know that much about Bette and Billy until her relatives started screaming when they found out she was working with Billy and Bette Midler

* Nowadays, parents have so many things on their child’s plate because they want to give their kids every chance to get ahead…

* The View hosts congradulate Bette and Billy on their successful marriages….

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