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Parental Guidance vs The Guilt Trip: An Analysis By Marcos V.

Mr. D:

This is just to call your attention to the fact that, according to, Parental Guidance has more international appeal than The Guilt Trip. I explain:

1. There are 20 release dates around the world for Streisand‘s film. While there are 40 release dates for Miss M’s movie.

2. 31 countries are going to see Parental Guidance up to the end of January 2013. Only 5 countries are going to get The Guilt Trip releases in the same period of time. It means that the industry is bidding on The Divine One’s motion picture. There’s an urgency to put it out and make money. While Barbra’s piece may come to the table if it shows some power in the few markets it will be offered.

3. In Brazil, probably the most important cinema market in South America, Parental Guidance is going to be out on Jan 11th. The Guilt Trip might be out only on April 12th (if it is successful in the previous markets it was offered).

Things look kind of good. I fear the blockbusters like The Hobbit and Disney.



I don’t want Streisand to fair bad at all. I like her and respect her artistic choices. If I had to chose between a Hollywood suit or agent and Barbra, I’m Streisand all the way for any artistic project.

It’s just that if I had to chose one star in the so called Battle of the Divas, I’m going to pick the one who is divine.

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4 thoughts on “Parental Guidance vs The Guilt Trip: An Analysis By Marcos V.

  1. I think Marcos’ analysis holds true for the U.S. as well. Always hating to prognosticate the future, and end up eating crow, I’d still bet on Parental Guidance. The Guilt Trip isn’t off to a terrific critical start, after it’s first day here in the U.S.. It has a 35% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with only 61% of the audience liking it. The score on imdb for the Guilt Trip is a low 5.4 out of 10, echoing Metascore (metacritics combined tally) of 54%. Boxofficemojo hasn’t released Wednesday’s numbers yet, but The Hobbit is still the film to beat. (I saw the Hobbit in HFR (high frame rate, high definition, IMAX and 3D–which cost $17.50 for the ticket! That explains it’s record-breaking numbers)

    There seems to be an embargo until Christmas on Parental Guidance’s reviews, but audience reaction for the film has been very positive, with critical opinion fairly mixed. Here in Vegas, Parental Guidance will be showing on twice as many screens as The Guilt Trip, and the marketing for Parental Guidance has been solid for weeks. The major criticism I’m hearing about “P.G.” is that it seems like familiar territory that’s been on the screen many times before–despite no one being able to name it’s predecessor. Everyone seems to agree that it’s good, fun family-fare, which is a huge barometer for success over the holidays.

    Currrently, The Guilt Trip is showing on 2,431 screens, Jack Reacher on 3,200, Monsters Inc (3D) on 2,618, and This is 40 on 2,912 (Hobbit, over 4,000; even Skyfall is close to 3,000 screens, and that’s been out for 6 weeks). The screen numbers for Parental Guidance should be released tomorrow. The number of screens typically don’t mean a lot if word of mouth is good, but with rather poor buzz for the Guilt Trip, I don’t consider Guilt Trip having a lot of traction. I’m going to guess that P.G. will be playing on about 3,000 screens here in the U.S.

    Wide release + good, family fun + Bette and Billy + good marketing + great word of mouth = big success!!

  2. That’s cool! thanks for letting me know. By the way, thank you for all the Parental Guidance updates. You’re doing the most amazing job ever, keeping us up to date on all the P.G. appearances and interviews. It’s like a whirlwind right now, and you’re on top of it, like no other.

    If I don’t get the chance before XMAS, best wishes as always, and Merry Christmas!! You’re the best!!

    1. Merry Christmas to you Ron! Thanks so much for the compliment! As you know I have a community of BetteHeads that help keep me informed as well, so kudos to all of you, too….it takes a village! lol xxoo

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