Parental Guidance: With Grandparents This Funny, Who Needs Parental Guidance?

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Who Needs “Parental Guidance” With Grandparents Like The “Deckers”
December 25, 2012

HOLLYWOOD (WWJ) ”“ If every kid had grandparents like Artie and Diane Decker, households would never have a shortage of laughter. That’s because those two get the chuckles started and they never stop comin’!

The Deckers are played by comedic legends Billy Crystal (Artie) and Bette Midler (Diane), two of the stars of “Parental Guidance,” which also stars Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott and Bailee Madison.

It’s a battle for the ages when old-school grandfather Artie reluctantly agrees ”“ and goes along with wife Diane ”“ when they’re asked to babysit their three grandkids for a week. All three generations collide when the Decker’s ways of doing things don’t mesh with the kids’ parents new-school parenting techniques. And things don’t exactly get off to a great start when the kids find out their parents plan to leave them at home with their grandparents while they’re away from home for a work-related vacation.

Starring as the kids are Bailee Madison as Harper Simmons, a musical virtuoso working to get into a prestigious school; Joshua Rush as Turner Simmons, who struggles with a speech impediment; and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf as Barker Simmons, who ”“ along with his best friend Kyle ”“ presents a rather unique set of challenges.

All of the trials that come along with parenting ”“ and “grandparenting” ”“ these three siblings make for some crazy hijinks, and of course, some pretty funny scenes that will undoubtedly have you chuckling ”“ or outright laughing ”“ out loud. Without spoiling the fun (I wouldn’t dare do that!), make sure you’re in your seat for the symphony scene. It is absolutely hilarious! And don’t leave the theater until after the credits finish rolling, or you’ll miss yet another chance to get your laugh on.

See you at the movies!

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