BetteBack November 21, 1976: Bud Friedman On Bette Midler

Des Moines Register
Improv led to Big Time
November 21, 1976

Bette Midler also was one of our earlier discoveries. In fact, I managed her for a year until she went on to other things.

“But I was the first to get her on TV. I got her five dates with Carson, five David Frost programs, a couple of appearances with Merv Griffin and two night club stints, one at Pall Mall‘s in Boston and another at Mr. Kelly’s in Chicago, and, of course, the infamous Continental Baths.

“She had done the Baths before, but nothing had happened. Then she started to promote it on TV, telling jokes about it. It really caught on. And she used it with Carson, who ate it all up. He thought her experiences-there made great, titillating conversation.”

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