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South Mississippi Sun
Things we wish they’d never say again in 1977
December 31, 1976

There are certain celebrities who have such troubles with their NYRs that, in the Interest of helping them, we make the simple suggestion that this year they don’t resolve anything – with the exception that the following never again say the following:

LIBERACE : “People criticize’ me. But when they meet me, nobody can help liking me.” (Try us.)

BARBRA STREISAND: “Okay, you’ve got twenty minutes. Whaddya wanna know?” (How’s she managed to stay so unspoiled?)

FAYE DUNAWAY: “I think marriage is a hindrance to love.” (But it’s so hard to get good live-in bachelors these days.)

HOWARD COSELL: “My greatest accomplishment may be my survival.” (Yes, but maybe with it, he should supply a kit.)

BETTE MIDLER: “I have no brains, but I have brilliant instincts.” (Run, we presume, by her intuition.)

ROD McKUEN: “Women just don’t understand that work is the most important thing in a man’s life.” (Wait till it’s the most important thing in a man’s wife.)

JOAN CRAWFORD: “Men from 45 on are most likely to be conquest-droppers … By the time they’re 50, they’re so hung up on the subject, they will go for practically anything that’s female. So it’s no compliment when they go for you.” (But it must be even less of one when they don’t.)

ALICE COOPER: “Self-destructruction is great. It’s fun. I don’t plan to live to 30.” (Promises,

OLEG CASSINI: “It’s very easy to be a nice guy when you’re a success. The trick is to be arrogant when you’re a flop.” (When you flop at arrogance, we guess there’s no way to go but up.)

STATUS QUOTE: The late Maurice Chevalier: “Many a man has fallen’ in love with a girl in a light so dim he would not have chosen a suit In it?” … Something to remember for New Year‘s Eve.

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