BetteBack March 19, 1977: Bette An Usherette On The Bing Crosby Special

Kennebec Journal
TV Scout
March 19, 1977

BEST BET – To honor Bing Crosby’s 50th year in show business, there’s a 90-minute special tonight. Bing! has the old groaner in performance at the Ambassador College in Pasadena and surrounded by a host of friends, old and new. Bob Hope, his old crony, leads the guests, presenting Bing with an award – the “Crummy.”

Highlights are Bing’s duet with Pearl Bailey and a long Crosby medley at the end. Bette Midler gets her big chance as an usherette. This was the performance at which Bing fell off stage, but the fall is not shown.

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