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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three Things Needed In The New “Beaches” Musical

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3 Things the “Beaches” Musical Needs to Be Awesome
March 5, 2013 ● by Mark Blankenship


Oh my gay stars, y’all. They’re making a stage musical out of Beaches. It’s coming to D.C.’s Signature Theatre next February, and I’m probably going to rent an apartment near the theatre so I can go ahead and see every performance. And no, I will not be deterred by the fact that most musicals based on movies end up sucking. This one will be different. It will. Read More

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Which witch is the best witch in the movies? My Favorite List So Far

Metro UK
Oz the Great and Powerful: Which witch is the best witch in the movies?
7:08 pm Tuesday 5 March 2013


Bette Midler, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Of course, we all know The Wizard Of Oz is really about witches. As Sam Raimi’s prequel, Oz The Great And Powerful, is released, we run through the best witches in movie history. Be warned: they are certain to put a spell on you.

7. The Craft

If you like your witches filled with teenage angst, forget Sabrina and check out this lot from The Craft. Back in the mid-90s, this movie was the reason all the girls in your class at school were acting a bit weird. Just be thankful the girls in school didn’t make you lose your hair or get hit by a car like this witchy little lot. Fairuza Balk, we salute you. Read More

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Did You Know…And You May Not Care Dept.


Ben Stiller made one of his early acting appearances in the movie, Stella, playing the “bad” influence boyfriend (Jim Uptegrove) to Stella’s (Bette Midler) daughter, Jenny (Trini Alvarado)

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Audio: The Last Time by Bette Midler


The Last Time by Bette Midler

Let this be the last time.
Let this be the last time, Ooooooh.
Let this be the last time.
Let this be the last time, Ooooooh.

I have no guts. I have no pride.
My heart is weak. My love is blind.
When your game is up I’ll still be by your side.
If you love me at all, let this be the last time
that you break my heart,
that you break my heart,
that you break my heart.

You hurt me so much,
but I love you forever
’cause when you tear me up
you always put me back together
ever so gently,
ever so gently.
Baby, let this be the last time, yeah. Read More

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BetteBack April 13, 1978: A BUNCH OF BULLION

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
April 13, 1978


BETTE MIDLER PREFERS GOLD LONDON (AP) —Singer Bette Midler, the “Divine Miss M,” will be paid in gold bullion for a planned British concert tour this fall, a spokesman for her London publicity agents said.

“Her manager believes all currencies are suspect these days and wants to make sure she doesn’t take a loss six months from now,” the spokesman said.

The agents, Rogers and Cowan, declined to say what Miss Midler’s fee was for the shows. Read More

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BetteBack March 29, 1978: Bette Midler To Start Filming “The Rose”

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