BetteBack April 25, 1978: The Tiny But Larger Than Life Midler

Lima Daily News
April 25, 1978


NEW YORK – I followed Bette Midler around at her party interviewing her.

“Why, she’s tiny!” people said, closing in on her at the NY Hilton’s Penthouse East. Bette. looking about 5 feet, and thin, for she took off 25 pounds in a year, smiled nicely and said, “Yes, I’m a very little girl.”

A blondish-red now. the divine Miss M was introduced by 20th Century-Fox to the ‘film media ” since she stars in “The Rose. ” playing a troubled rock singer with gifted Alan Bates portraying her manager.

Bette moved from cluster to cluster, answering my questions, too. “Did you rehearse today? ”

… “Every day!” … “How were you able to retain your individuality?” … “I’ve been very lucky ”

Somebody referred to “discovering ” her. “I discovered myself,” she laughed. A man from Seventeen presented himself.

“I expected a lady,” she said.

“Would you ever play the Copacabana again?” I ask her “I can’t wait,” she said, slapping me on the back.

A woman marveled at her “On stage she’s so wild, off stage she’s quiet, almost shy.”

Bette Midler told no jokes, she was serious, she just mingled and smiled and charmed people. I looked for her gentleman, actor Peler Riegert. but he’s not in NY. She wore a navy blue blouson, jeans and boots, and I thought she looked tinier and tinier, and shorter and shorter, as the crowd grew.

I guess if she makes good in the movies now, there’ll be no doubt that the shortest person was also the biggest person there.

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