Photo: Bette Midler As Sue Mengers Opening Night (Thanks Malcolm!!!)


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4 thoughts on “Photo: Bette Midler As Sue Mengers Opening Night (Thanks Malcolm!!!)

  1. Hey Don,

    I saw the matinee yesterday (Sunday.) Very funny and a good part for Bette.
    Of course the audience was in the palm of her hand despite some missed lines. (But that’s what previews are for, especially this early in the game.)
    That was my 13th time seeing The Divine performing live.

    How are you? I emailed you a couple of times last year and never heard back. Hope you are well!


    1. Hey Jim!!! I don’t remember getting anything from you but last year I was hospitalized a couple of times so I may have overlooked them somehow. Great to hear from you! XX Thanks so much for chiming in and letting us know how the show was! And I’m glad to hear from you. Much love, Don

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