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Who needs a cast when you’re this fabulous? (Thanks Andy!)

Out Magazine
Attack of the Broadway Autonomist
By Kevin Allison


Between Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Nathan Lane in The Nance, and the kicky dragapalooza Kinky Boots, this spring’s Broadway offerings seem particularly gay. Like, unprecedentedly gay. Still, we’re placing our bets on a trio of more self-involved productions, all of which feature a single star bogarting the spotlight. Bravo, you monologuing overachievers!

The Divine Miss M
Bette Midler last blew the lid off Broadway 30 years ago. Now she’s returned in I’ll Eat You Last as 1970s Hollywood agent and stoner Sue Mengers, the one-time Svengali to Babs and Cher. (Opens April 24)

Why She’s Worthy: If she’s half as crass and dishy as the real Mengers was, Bette can chomp all the scenery she wants.

The Other Divine Miss M
Vet Fiona Shaw plays God’s baby mama in Colm Tóibín’s stage adaptation of his novel The Testament of Mary. (Opens April 22)

Why She’s Worthy: This post-crucifixion downer would be too much for a virgin, but Shaw + grief = a match made in heaven.

The Divine Mr. and Mrs. M
Tony-winning director John Tiffany’s twisted retelling of Macbeth boasts Tony winner Alan Cumming — and only Tony winner Alan Cumming. (Opens April 21)

Why He’s Worthy: As an oversharing nutcase locked up in a loony bin, Cumming inhabits the witches, Dude Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and the rest of Shakespeare’s motley crew. It’s like American Horry Story: Asylum, but for the PBS set!

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4 thoughts on “Who needs a cast when you’re this fabulous? (Thanks Andy!)

  1. Glad you did! Also glad you did not take the break that you posted about several days ago. We need all the joy we can get this week. So much sad & tragic news.

    Hard to type though the tears. Listened to “From A Distance” this morning, such a beautiful and fitting song for this week.

    Thanks for everything Don!!

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