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BetteBack April 9, 1980: Notes On The Best Actress Field

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April 9, 1980


Sure, Jill Clayburgh in “Starting Over” and Marsha Mason in “Chapter Two,” have possibilities, but nothing as dynamic as the other three.

By all means, Jane Fonda should win, but won’t. Her performance in “The China Syndrome” is a classic. Knowing the Academy folks, they are probably afraid she’ll say something in her acceptance speech they’ll regret. So to save embarassment, they’ll give it to somebody else.

If that’s the case, Sally Field will be the next in line. It’s doubtful they’ll give it to Bette Midler, “The Trash with Flash Queen,” because the Academy knows she’s a singer and doesn’t really have serious aspirations of pursuing an acting career.

Bette Midler carried “The Rose.” Without her presence, the movie would have been a flop. Still, it was hot the quality, of “Norma Rae.”

Sally Field deserves an Oscar.

Her performance in Norma Rae is exceptional, and of the same caliber as Jane Fonda in “Julia,”

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