Bette Tweets: Health Care, Heat, And Gay Marriage



Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler
104 degrees here in NY. Wearing an ice pack on my head. This must be the “warming” part. What are those clucks in DC doing to help us?

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler
Gay marriage made legal in GB. QEII gave stamp of approval and added, “but you queens get this straight, I am Queen with a capital Q!

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler
WOW!! Health care premiums in NY go down 50%!! Pretty thrilling. The Radical Right is FUMING!!

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2 thoughts on “Bette Tweets: Health Care, Heat, And Gay Marriage

  1. Make this clear? Is my local…. jacked up higher in the preceding years before this mandate….you mean…. premium rate going to go down as well? Anybody know that?

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