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Bette And Martin: Labor Day In Hawaii

Daily Mail
Aloha! Bette Midler takes a dip in the Pacific after hitting the beach in a striking blue swimsuit
PUBLISHED: 07:53 EST, 3 September 2013 | UPDATED: 08:13 EST, 3 September 2013


Bette Midler splashed out in Hawaii on Monday – quite literally.

The celebrated singer and actress is currently holidaying in America’s 50th state – and she was clearly in the mood for a swim when she climbed into her blue bikini and hit the beach.

Accompanied by husband Martin von Haselberg, Bette relaxed on the sand before taking a cautious dip in the Pacific.

With waves swelling around her, the 67-year-old made a game attempt at body surfing in the waist deep water.

Bette was later spotted lying flat on her back as she caught some rays with Martin, who wore a pair of floral patterned Bermuda shorts and flip-flops.

The Beaches star looked completely at home as she paraded across the sand with her husband, and little wonder.

Bette lived in Hawaii following her birth in Honolulu in 1945 before funding a move to New York when she was 20-years-old with money she earned from an appearance in historical drama Hawaii, which was partially filmed on the island of Oahu.

Since launching her career in the mid-sixties the star has preserved her ties to the popular holiday destination and owns numerous properties in the area, amongst them a sprawling home on Kauai.

She’s also passionate about the Big Apple, and her love of the city prompted her to found the New York restoration project.

Bette started the project after being shocked at what had happened to the city where her career was born when she returned in 1995.

She said: ‘People were throwing their garbage out the window, leaving their lunches on the ground — I was so upset I didn’t sleep for a week.

‘Finally, I realized I needed to actually do something – even if it meant picking up trash with my own two hands.’

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6 thoughts on “Bette And Martin: Labor Day In Hawaii

  1. Blue bikini? Looks like a one-piece to me.
    The article doesn’t say what island they were on, but I’m assuming it was Kauai since they have a home there.
    P.S. Martin stays in pretty good shape!

  2. Hi Don,
    How are you?
    So great to see something of Bette again, i miss her. Bette looks good! Love it that she prefers a good swim above hair do, that show’s common sense.

    L. Linda (DD)

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