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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo: A Conversation With Bette Midler

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photo: Sophie at The New York Pops 31st Birthday Gala – Concert (Thanks Wendy!)

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Audio: Bette Midler Chats with Pam & Heather In Des Moines

safe_image Bette Midler Chats with Pam & Heather! Before Bette Midler’s appearance in Des Moines, for the Smart Talk Series, she had a chat with with Pam and Heather on the KIOA Morning Show. Listen! Click Here
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Bette Midler’s Plans For The Future

Houston Chronicle Multitalented Bette Midler has all kinds of plans for the future Bette Midler headlines the Brilliant Lecture series, where she will discuss her career ups and downs. By Joey Guerra April 28, 2014 | Updated: April 28, 2014 9:37pm 1366x1366 The Divine Miss M kickstarted her career in the ’70s performing at the Continental Baths in New York City. It earned her the nickname Bathhouse Betty and launched a legend. Bette Milder, 68, appears Tuesday night in Houston to discuss her colorful life at the Brilliant Lecture series. There’s plenty to choose from. The multitasking entertainer has written books, starred in her own sitcom and is heralded as a world-class touring act. She’s sold million of records, and hits “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “From a Distance” are pop classics. She earned an Oscar nomination for “The Rose” and most recently scored a box-office hit with 2012’s “Parental Guidance.” And there’s still plenty left to do. She talked with the Houston Chronicle about plans for the future and the changing face of show business. Q: What’s unique about these speaking events versus what you normally do onstage? A: We hope that it’ll be amusing. We hope that it’ll be funny. This group, I think, they wanna hear a little bit about my show-business life, but I think they’re very interested in what makes someone like me sort of put the show-business thing aside for a while and decide to do something for others. I’ve had this nonprofit organization (New York Restoration Project) for close to 20 years. There are many, many groups of people who really wanna make a difference in their town or their city or their community. They like to hear about other people doing the same thing because it inspires them, shores them up and gives them the confidence to go on. It’s an old American tradition. It’s so ancient. The Chautauqua Circuit – people would always get into their stagecoaches and ride into the Wild West and tell them about what’s going on in the cities. Q: You haven’t released a studio album since 2006’s “Cool Yule.” Is there one on the horizon? A: It’s interesting that you ask me that because I have been in the studio since the end of January. I’m making a record. I’m not really gonna talk about what it’s about yet, but I’m having a great time. You can say that. It’s a forward look at a look back. I think when people hear it, they’re gonna have fun. I think we should have it out by the end of the year. Q: How do you weather the changes in music – and in entertainment in general? A: Everything is so different now: the making of records, the selling of records, the buying of records. It’s completely upended. It’s really hard to get your arms around. We talk about it every day. It’s very curious and very distressing. But it is what it is, and you have to adapt or die. Almost every arena that I’ve had my hand in is so completely different. But real contact, a human being standing up communicating with another human being, that has not changed. I’m so grateful that I have that, that I’m able to do that. I wouldn’t have anything if I didn’t have that. I think my real gift is that people feel as if I’m talking only to them. I really am grateful for my own gifts, and I try to use them as often as I can. I try to keep them in tune, and I try to keep them alive. Q: Will you head out on the road again? A: I would like to do a tour again, but I don’t want it to be one of those huge, 50-truck extravaganzas. You know I’m an environmentalist, so I don’t like to spew that much garbage into the air. And you know what else? When I did “I’ll Eat You Last” on Broadway last year, I was in a very beautiful house that sat about 750. I just had the most marvelous time. It was just big enough that I could reach the back of the house. They could see me really well, and I could see them. In the huge, huge stadiums, you don’t get that. I really do love playing the arenas, but I like to play every size in between that. Whether I succumb to the big numbers or whether I just walk around the block a couple of times and stick my head in basements, I don’t know. I think I overthink stuff. Q: Is the Mae West HBO movie you were attached to still happening? A: Yes, it’s going on. We think we found a writer. They’re making all these sorts of phone calls. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about her and watching old Mae West movies. She really was quite a phenomenon. There’s no script, but they are moving forward with it at the glacial pace that is the only pace that’s possible. Q: What comes to mind when you think of Texas? A: Well, you know, Ann Richards was the governor of Texas for many years. We have a garden that my organization and I are planting in her honor, actually spurred on by Liz Smith, who canvassed all Ann’s friends to contribute to the effort. It’s quite beautiful. We’re very proud of it. We adored her. She was a real firebrand.

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    What Would Kylie Minogue Sing If Auditioning For “The Voice?”

    Daily Mail She’s one of the biggest names in music, but what would Kylie Minogue sing if she were auditioning on The Voice? By MARIA LEWIS PUBLISHED: 18:47 EST, 28 April 2014 | UPDATED: 19:50 EST, 28 April 2014 article-2615428-1D6F59C200000578-175_634x778 She has number one hits and world tours to her name – plus a comfy coaching spot on The Voice Australia and UK – but if Kylie Minogue was going back to the start what would she do to get the attention of judges on her very own show? The 45-year-old performer has revealed that she’d deliver a rendition of Better Midler’s classic 1979 ballad The Rose if she had step out on the audition stage. ‘I would have to punch out The Rose,’ she said in an interview on the Today Show on Tuesday ‘When I was about 14 and 15, besides all the usual singles from Whitney Houston and Madonna, I would sing Bette Midler a lot.’ Minogue – who is in Australia ahead of The Voice’s Sunday night premiere – was joined by her co-star from the reality talent series Joel Madden in the interview. article-2615428-1D5F9EA400000578-63_634x783 The Good Charlotte front man gushed about the Sexercise singer joining the coaching panel on the Channel Nine show, which also includes and Ricky Martin. ‘She lights up the show, she’s awesome,’ he said. ‘All the singers love her… the auditions are so nerve-wracking. She’s got such good energy.’ After a successful stint on The Voice UK, Minogue and have both come Down Under for their first season on the local spin-off of the series. Madden is the only original coach left on the series and said returning for a third season was a ‘no brainer’. ‘It’s perfect timing because me and my brother just finished our record so I could come back,’ he said. ‘There was nothing stopping me. I love this show, I love Australia. I wanted to be back.’ Madden – who is married to Nicole Richie – is also on ‘daddy duty’ this season, with his twin brother Benji joining him on sister show The Voice Kids.
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    Sunday, April 27, 2014

    Dirt Dishers Dish Dirt (Bette Midler Mention)

    Mister D: There’s a small Bette mention in this article, but I just found this all very interesting. Thought maybe some of you would too! New York Times Oh, How They Like to Dish A Conversation With Liz Smith, Gossip Columnist and Jess Cagle, Editorial Director of People Magazine By PHILIP GALANESAPRIL 25, 2014 Vanity Fair Shoot i If you’ve ever found yourself intrigued by the meltdowns of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, puzzled by Jennifer Aniston’s seemingly endless difficulty in finding romantic bliss, fascinated by the endless woes of the even more endless “Real Housewives,” or hungry for any scrap of news about Brangelina, Kimye or TomKat, chances are you are deeply familiar with the work of Liz Smith and Jess Cagle, who have 90 years of gossip columns and entertainment news between them. Ms. Smith, the oft-dubbed “Doyenne of Dish,” began ghostwriting the Cholly Knickerbocker gossip column for Hearst newspapers in the 1950s, and in 1976 began writing a string of self-titled gossip columns for The New York Daily News, Newsday and The New York Post, many of which were syndicated. Mr. Cagle is the editorial director of People magazine and Entertainment Weekly, and has worked in entertainment news for Time Inc. magazines for 27 years. He also is a host of ABC’s Academy Awards red-carpet show. The two met recently for lunch at a coveted corner banquette in the Grill Room of the Four Seasons restaurant. Ms. Smith arrived first, heads turning at her signature blonde bob. (“I don’t get older, I just get blonder.”) Mr. Cagle walked in moments later, natty in a trim gray suit. Over lamb chops and French fries (for Ms. Smith) and filet mignon (for Mr. Cagle), they spoke about the enduring appeal of stars, the evolution of entertainment news and some of their best (and worst) dish. ‘Mia is so manipulative. My God! She called me months ago and said: “Liz, will you print that Ronan Farrow is actually Frank Sinatra’s son?” I said: “No, what proof do you have?” Philip Galanes: So, what pushes two Southern Baptists from Texas straight to the top of the gossip game? Liz Smith: Dying to get out of Texas mostly. When I was 6 or 7, my babysitter started taking me to the movies — only ones that were beyond my years, mind you. Garbo and John Gielgud. I never wanted to do anything else. Jess Cagle: Same here. I was this kid in Texas, kind of a sissy, without many friends. I’m making it sound sadder than it was. But movies and TV were such an escape. And once I started writing about entertainment, I became fascinated by the business, and what stars represent to us. PG: Why do we care so much about them? Who cares if Jennifer Aniston ever marries Justin Theroux? I’m embarrassed to admit that I sort of do, even though I have no idea why. LS: Remember “Camelot”? The song: “I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight?” We make stars into something exquisite, and we want to know what they’re doing and thinking because our lives are desperately boring. JC: Particularly mine. I live vicariously through Jennifer Aniston every day. It’s just human nature. It goes back to the Greeks who gossiped about the gods on Mount Olympus. PG: And it carries down to items like: “Bette Midler spotted at ‘Kinky Boots’ last night”? JC: Sure. We may not know her, but these people entertain us. We have a soft spot for them. Hearing about them is like catching up with a friend. LS: Bette’s a good example. I had lunch with her a few years ago, and she was very depressed that people didn’t know who she was anymore. She said: “I was discovered when people were just trying to get me to take my clothes off.” And now look at her. She’s bigger than ever. PG: See what I mean? Stories with celebrities in them are simply more fun. I hear you have a great one about Jackie O. and Philip Roth. LS: Oh, I love this one. Jackie is having a walkabout with Philip Roth, and he is notoriously not nice to women. So everybody is whispering that she’s seeing him, and one day, she was looking out her window onto Central Park, and he came up to her and put his arm around her and kissed gently on the cheek. And she says: “Now what did you have to go and do that for?” And she never saw him again. Bill Styron told me that story, or I wouldn’t believe it. He said Philip didn’t know what happened to him. PG: It’s like a cautionary tale: Don’t kiss Jackie O. JC: We identify with stars. We project our own lives and feelings onto them, and what makes a great star is having this tremendous ability to be projected onto. PG: It’s a tightrope, no? You have to be nice enough for stars to talk with you, but not so nice that Gawker crucifies you as a bootlicker. Not to mention the explosion of celebrity websites and blogs and TMZ. LS: I don’t pay attention to any of them. I never know whether the stories are true. JC: They’re not all the same. TMZ actually tries to get it right. But a whole lot of others don’t. And there’s very little fact-checking. PG: But isn’t that the $64,000 question? Would people rather read a lurid story about Kim Kardashian that may not be true or a tame one that’s 100 percent accurate? LS: I wouldn’t pay any attention to anything with the Kardashians. I mean, they’re pretty, but they’re idiots. JC: Some people would rather read the lurid story, and there are publications that exist for them. But there’s also an audience for celebrity journalism that’s careful to give you the truth, and isn’t just going to feed you gossip. PG: Did you ever pay for stories? LS: I could have. But that would have been against my principles. The only thing I ever negotiated for money was covering Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding to Larry Fortensky at Neverland Ranch. They said: No press. And I said: I’ll give all the money to AIDS charities. So they let me come, and boy, that was an experience. PG: How about all those baby pictures? Don’t you pay for those? JC: Like everyone, we pay for photos. And if they’re exclusive, we’ll buy them. But we never pay for interviews. I remember one point when People bought some exclusive baby pictures from Angelina, and all the money went to charity. She’s smart about raising money for causes that way. LS: Did you know that when Brad and Angelina went to Davos, the big financial summit, the Davos people asked them not to come back? They said: “Your presence is too distracting.” PG: The growth of reality TV has created another weird phenomenon. When I look at celebrity magazines these days, even People, I don’t recognize half the people in them. Photo ‘There have been a couple of stories over the years that I disagreed with, but your bosses want to do them. So, you work to make them as fair as possible.’ JESS CAGLE Credit Robert Caplin for The New York Times LS: That’s probably true for all of us. JC: There are too many celebrities now. PG: Do you think your audience really wants to know about all those Biggest Losers and Bachelors, even after their season in the sun is over? JC: I do. Reality stars do very well on And our audience has grown because we have the magazine and a website that’s getting millions of page views a month. Magazines aren’t going away. But digital is now a huge, huge part of our business. LS: And your cover with the “Biggest Loser” scandal got a great headline. JC: Yeah: “Too Thin Too Fast.” What woman is not going to read that? PG: Speaking of losers, I read an article by an evolutionary biologist that said gossip is great for preventing bad behavior. By watching Justin Bieber’s wheels fall off, do the rest of us really learn to stay in line? LS: I think that’s right. JC: But is that gossip? I don’t know how you’re defining gossip. PG: Let’s use Liz’s definition. “Gossip is…” LS: Gossip is news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress. JC: I have no interest in repeating gossip. I want to know what’s really happening. LS: Yeah, but gossip captures people’s attention. It gives them detail and color. PG: The red satin dress. LS: Maybe the red satin dress means something, and maybe it doesn’t. JC: That’s the thrill of it. We get to talk to people and get the truth from them. LS: Or their truth. JC: I always want to hear what someone has to say for themselves. But I’m more excited by: Here’s the rumor. What did he say, and what did she say? That’s why I’ve been so fascinated by the Woody and Mia story. By hearing the two sides and trying to figure out where the truth is. LS: Well, Mia is so manipulative. My God! She called me months ago and said: “Liz, will you print that Ronan Farrow is actually Frank Sinatra’s son?” I said: “No, what proof do you have?” Woody could sue me, and I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. And she said: “Well, I think he is. He looks like him.” If I were Woody, I would have had a DNA test right then to prove yes or no. PG: So, when does gossip become news? JC: Once you go to the source and ask: What’s the truth here? Then it’s news. A monkey can repeat gossip. PG: But that’s what I love about the Woody/Mia story. No matter whose side of the story I’m reading, in that moment, I believe them … JC: The truth is there was a lot of dysfunction in that household. Woody’s disadvantage is that he married Mia’s [adopted] daughter, so people are reluctant to defend him. And it’s easier to believe anything you hear about him. LS: And a lot of people don’t give a damn whether he did or not. They just want him to put them in a movie. ‘There was a story that Mrs. Nixon was drinking a lot. I asked insiders, and they confirmed it, so I printed it. But I’ve always been sorry about that.’ LIZ SMITH ‘When you’re starting out, you get to hang out with famous people, and it’s very seductive. But you realize, these people are not your friends.’ JESS CAGLE Credit Robert Caplin for The New York Times JC: And others just want him punished. PG: Speaking of punishment, have you ever broken a story that you wish you hadn’t? LS: When Woodward and Bernstein wrote their second book about Nixon leaving the White House, there was a story that Mrs. Nixon was drinking a lot. I asked insiders, and they confirmed it, so I printed it. But I’ve always been sorry about that. JC: Did you ever hear from her? LS: No, but once I got drunk with Mrs. Reagan, and I wrote her a letter and apologized. PG: Was she drunk, too? LS: No! PG: Details, please. LS: We were out with some people, and I said to her: “Why don’t you make something of your life, like Hillary Clinton?” And she said: “I thought I was. I’m taking care of the President.” Of course, that was rude and stupid of me. So I apologized, and she wrote back: “Liz, you’re the only person who’s ever admitted she was drunk. I love you, even though I know you never voted for Ronald.” JC: There have been a couple of stories over the years that I disagreed with, but your bosses want to do them. So, you work to make them as fair as possible. PG: Speaking of bosses, when you were at The Post, you broke the story on Rupert Murdoch’s divorce from Anna Murdoch. Did you get his permission for that? LS: I’m sitting there minding my own business, and the phone rings: “Mr. Murdoch wants to speak to you.” I’d always been friendly with him, and I was glad I had a job — even though Col Allan [the New York Post editor at the time] hated me. And Rupert said: “Liz, I want to give you a story. Anna and I are divorcing, and we want you to write it.” Well, I was his slave, but it was also a great story. PG: And it came to you like a box of chocolates. LS: So, I asked, “Do you want me to call you back after I write it?” And he said, “No, just do it the way you normally would.” But The Post didn’t want to print it, and 500 executives called me to say, “How dare you?” And I said: “How dare I? Mr. Murdoch called me, so why don’t you ask him about it?” PG: Did your bosses try to talk you out of that gutsy editor’s letter you wrote about Phil Robertson and that whole “Duck Dynasty” brouhaha, Jess? They must be trying to sell magazines to “Duck” lovers, too. JC: No. The Entertainment Weekly audience is so in step with me on that issue. I thought I’d get a lot of hate mail because I criticized Phil Robertson for being so antigay. But I got an overwhelmingly positive response from readers and advertisers. And I never heard boo from the “Duck Dynasty” people. PG: How about friendships with people you cover? I remember a cover of The Daily News, where Liz was arm in arm with Ivana Trump at the height of her divorce from The Donald, storming out of La Grenouille like you’re storming the Bastille. Did you take heat for that? Or just sell a lot of papers? LS: Oh, we sold a lot of papers. But that just happened. I wasn’t trying to make it happen. The Daily News photographer was there in a crowd of photographers, and he leapt out and got it. I was concerned about Ivana. Barbara Walters was on one side of her, and I was on the other. PG: I don’t remember Barbara Walters. LS: They cropped her out of the picture. JC: The Daily News cropped her out and just had the two of you? LS: And there I was looking like… Oh, well, I took her side because I thought he was a jerk. JC: But you were right. LS: But I shouldn’t have done that. It looked so self-aggrandizing — like I was trying to make myself better known. I still remember Trump saying he would buy The Daily News just so he could fire me. PG: How about you, Jess? Are celebrity friendships dangerous? JC: When you’re young and starting out, all of a sudden you get to hang out with famous people, and it’s very seductive. But pretty quickly you realize, these people are not your friends. We’re professional acquaintances. We can help each other, and we may be fond of each other, but it’s better if you keep a distance. Table For Three: A Conversation With Liz Smith, Gossip Columnist and Jess Cagle, Editorial Director of People Magazine Bette Midler’s “I’ll Eat You Last” Breaks Records, Attracts Crowds Bette Midler Part Of Smart Talk Series In Des Moines, Iowa Monday April 28

    Jennifer Aniston Attends Bette Midler’s Play ‘I’ll Eat You Last’ ...  Read More

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    Bette Midler just keeps soaring through amazing career

    Des Moines Register Bette Midler just keeps soaring through amazing career Rachel Lopez, Special to The Register; 11:07 p.m. CDT April 26, 2014 285776_286842141412246_2001641812_n Iconic singer-songwriter, comedian, actress, author, producer and philanthropist Bette Midler’s career spans decades, and she just keeps soaring. The Devine Miss M attracts ever new generations of fans: In her recent Academy Awards performance of “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” — a timeless tribute to a buoyant mentor — her voice still shimmered, rich and sultry; the audience responded with a thunderous standing ovation. Her 1980 memoir, “A View from A Broad,” was just rereleased; it continues to delight with uproarious chronicles from her first world tour. So it’s surprising when the uber-talented Midler, via telephone from her Los Angeles hotel back in December, says, “Well mostly I’m learning about acting. It’s a fight every night.” Midler was in Los Angeles performing in her critically acclaimed one-woman Broadway show, “I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers,” about the legendary talent agent whose client list included a dazzling smorgasbord of Hollywood royalty, and whose acerbic style and vitriolic temper commanded respect and incited ire. “A lot of people hated her,” deadpanned Midler. It’s a grueling performance, and a little outside her comfort zone. She continued, “I’ve had 40 years of bands, background singers, and now I’m on the stage all by myself. Fortunately I have a terrific script. It’s got energy even though I only sit on the couch for 80 minutes!” Midler also has a reputation as a tough cookie. Known for her biting wit and blunt commentary, her rise to superstardom has been a tour de force, and she’s frank about the struggles of striving. “There are barriers put up in front of women all the time, every day of their lives,” she lamented. “But I’ve always been the kind of person who goes around the barriers.” She isn’t shy about breaking down doors, either, and she emphasizes the power of a sharp mind: “I think you have to really strategize. You have to be alert, have to have some brain power and you can’t take it lying down. You have to fight for your position — bring your best game and be prepared to defend yourself. “I don’t want to say that it’s war, but there’s definitely a battle going on.” That grit has given way to a staggering number of awards and accolades: Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys, multiple Academy Award nominations — and the list goes on. But for all her glittering stardom, Midler takes as much pride in her philanthropy as she does her performances. She recently won the prestigious Rockefeller Foundation Jane Jacobs Medal for Lifetime Leadership, for successfully protecting 114 New York City parks and gardens from development, and transforming them into thriving green spaces and playgrounds. She realizes that her success made it easier to get the job done — “I’m a celebrity with a really loud mouth,” she said — but she believes everyone has something to offer. “People should go for their guts. When I came to New York (from Los Angeles) the streets were so dirty and you really didn’t want to be outdoors. I said we shouldn’t be living this way. People should look around for what they really, really love — because if they love it they’ll stick with it.” Soon Midler will take on the role of another icon with a big mouth and a lot of brass: she’s slated to play the role of Mae West in the HBO biopic on the legend. She’s a natural to play the trailblazing West, who broke down barriers, wrote her own rules, and continued to be a scintillating sex symbol long after younger actresses had lost their shine. Midler chalks her successes up to perseverance and unbridled ambition. “The idea of giving up is anathema to me … I really like to work — my husband says I’m impossible if I’m not working.” Asked what’s next, the irrepressible star surprises again: “I think I’ll conquer that lawn chair.” She went on — almost convincingly — to say she really loved to be in the garden, but quipped, “You know, I’m so embarrassed because people say, well are you a good gardener? And I say, well, no … I just point to the garden and say, ‘this goes there, that goes here,’ but I do really like it and it puts me in a quiet place. “Which is why I think I chose (the NYC) parks and gardens — I’m so at peace in them.” See Bette Midler WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Monday WHERE: Des Moines Civic Center, 221 Walnut St. TICKETS: $37-$84 Bette Midler Part Of Smart Talk Series In Des Moines, Iowa Monday April 28 Five Divine Things Bette Midler Must Do While In Houston Reminder: The Brilliant Lecture Series Presents ‘A Conversation with Bette Midler’ Jerry Herman Wants Bette Midler for Broadway Revival of HELLO, DOLLY!

    Bette Midler to perform at Oscars for 1st time ...  Read More

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    Saturday, April 26, 2014

    Tid-Bettes: Ari Graynor and Lea Michele

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    Friday, April 25, 2014

    Five Divine Things Bette Midler Must Do While In Houston

    Houston Press Five Divine Things Bette Midler Must Do While In Houston By Angelica Leicht Fri., Apr. 25 2014 at 10:00 AM 1511365_622601854496884_8980529974631706530_n Can you get any more fabulous than the inimitable Bette Midler? Eh, probably not. The Divine Miss M has a career that spans nearly half a century, and it began alongside a young Barry Manilow, performing bawdy comedy shows while he accompanied her on the piano. Her career started out with Barry Manilow. Things only went uphill from there. Those steel nerves and her grand sense of comedic timing eventually earned her a spot on the stage in the theater, from which she’d eventually move on down to the sandy acting shores, starring in classics like Beaches andThe Rose. And now, after all of those years on stage, she’s become a gay icon, a straight icon, a theater icon, and whatever else you can possibly pair with icon. She’s toting around a boatload of Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, and Emmy Awards, and she’s got walls lined with platinum records from her years being so darn fab. So what else could she possibly want to do in this lifetime? Bette not only is everything; she’s done everything, too. Well, almost everything, that is. It seems that while Bette, who will be in town on Tuesday to speak at the Wortham Theater Center for the Brilliant Lecture Series, was earning all those awards and being all fancy and fantastic, she skipped over a couple of bucket list items – Bette-centric items — and they’re things that happen right around our fine city. It’s a wrong that should be righted as soon as possible. But don’t worry, Ms Midler. We know how important bucket lists are, and we’re here to help you out on this one. Here is the guide to all of the Bette-related stuff to do in Houston. And yes, we left “hang out with us and take selfies” off the list. We know our limits. Burlesque! With Jazz Hands and E’rything There’s no question that the iconic Bette Midler has served as inspiration to many a burlesque troupe. Houston’s got a number of burlesque troupes that have shows worth taking in — Ruby Revue, The Houston Burlesque Review, and Dem Dam Dames, just to name a few — so taking in a burlesque show is definitely something that the theatre maven should do. She does, after all, know a thing or two about jazz hands. Take in a Drag Show at Michael’s Outpost If there’s one thing that Bette should not miss while perusing the Houston nightlife, it’s Michael’s Outpost. Their weekend drag show is legendary, and the performers pay homage to all of the fabulous icons and divas. And that means one thing, and one thing only: there’s Bette Midler drag! Yep, Bette Midler is one of the larger than life performers that the show pays tribute to, which is just fantastic, because double the fun and all. But there’s an added bonus to this drag equation, too. With Bette being a gay icon, she’s bound to have tons of devoted, adoring fans at Michael’s Outpost, which is always good for an ego boost or six. Grab a Hawaiian Drink at Lei Low Ms Midler was born in Honolulu, so what better way to welcome her than to bring a bit of the Hawaiian island to Houston? And if you want to do tiki and Hawaii in Houston, you head to Lei Low, where the rum flows like…rum, and the straw thrones are fit for a queen. Want to have a drink in a coconut? Or suck down a drink that’s on fire? Yeah, somehow that’s all Hawaiian, and it’s all fantastic, so Bette should definitely head that way. Really, the only way to make this campy, themed bar more Midler-centric would be to to drop it in the midst of the gayborhood on Pacific. (Can we do that? Please??) Check Out Nick Greer at Corkscrew So, Nick Greer, the resident artist at the wine bar Corkscrew, is a piano playin’, good time havin’, clown nose sportin’ son of a gun, and he reminds us a bit of Barry Manilow. In case you’re lacking on the Bette Midler knowledge, a relatively-unknown Manilow used to play piano for the Divine Miss M back when she was in her bawdy comedy days, which is awesome for obvious reasons. It would be a shame for Bette to miss a Houston version of her old sidekick — or a glass of wine or two while she sits piano-side — and the world needs more Bette and show tunes, so she definitely needs to be making a pit stop by Corkscrew to check him out. Nostalgia by way of Nick Greer. It sounds like a total win to us. LaGanja Estranja and Gia Gunn at F Bar Yes, this show is more drag, but it’s Tuesday night in Houston — what else would Bette want to do? We’ve got some of the best drag shows this side of WeHo, and sometimes one just needs an overdose of rhinestones and glitter, even when you’re fabulous enough all by your lonesome. Besides, this is LaGanja Estranja and Gia Gunn from RuPaul’s Drag Race performing at a drag show at F Bar, one of the most posh gay bars in the city, which is known for its freaking amazing drag show on Tuesday nights. So basically it’ll be all sorts of diva-tastic fun for Bette, even if she happens to have already taken in the Outpost show. Or, if all else fails, we suppose she could always check out our beaches. BetteBack August 22, 1982: Was Barry Manilow Ever Bette’s Boyfriend? BetteBack Review: “Bette Midler” By Bette Midler ~ December 23, 1973 Bette Midler: ‘I burnt myself out. I didn’t have anything left’ The Divine (and very young) Miss M: Bette Midler performing at the Continental Baths, early 70s

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