Linda Ronstadt On Singing With Bette Midler

9-5-2012 6-58-53 PM

MR: Let’s talk about a couple of the duets, “Sisters,” first of all, with Bette Midler.

LR: I loved doing that. We had so much fun. I love Bette Midler, I’m a huge Bette Midler fan. I think she is just an incredibly brilliant, wonderful, intelligent talent and she’s so creative and she’s such a wonderful writer and she just does it all herself, you know? It’s hard to find a talent like that where she’s just making it all up herself. She knows when to delegate and add stuff, she invents all of these characters, I love her.

MR: Yeah, and you not only sound like sisters, you sound like twins on that one.

LR: [laughs] Oh, we’re both chameleons, so we’re both kind of reflecting each other. But she has a little delighted, delicious… It’s her sense of humor that comes out in the middle of that song; it’s the little gleam in her eyes, that wicked little sense of humor. She’s just absolutely naughty. When she sings, she has that undercurrent of a stripper’s “buh-boom, buh-boom, buh-boom” kind of thing. [laughs] The two sisters in business selling it out there, it’s so great. It’s such a conspiratorial little thing she was sharing with me.

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