BetteBack July 16, 1985: Bette Midler Gets Permission To Use “Lesbian Nuns” Book For Movie

Syracuse Herald-Journal, Tuesday, July 16, 1985

There are 150,000 copies of the $9.95 trade paperback edition of “Lesbian Nuns” in print, and it has gone back to press for a fourth printing of 10,000 copies. Warner Books has bought the massmarket reprint rights to the book and will bring out a rack-sized paperback edition next spring.

The book will be published this fall in England, Australia and New Zealand, and foreign editions also are planned for Italy, Spain and Germany.

“I’ve been constantly dealing with this book for the last three months,” said Curb, who figures she has made 78 public appearances on the book’s behalf, including university lectures and bookstore signings. She and Manahan have been interviewed on a number of talk shows and were spotlighted on ABC’s network news.

“The reaction has been fantastic and fascinating.” said Grier. ‘”Lesbian Nuns’ seems to have become part of the folklore culture.”

She recently granted permission to Walt Disney Productions to use the book as a prop in a forthcoming film starring Bette Midler and Nick Nolle. The movie is tentatively titled “Down and Out in Beverly Hills.”

“Of course, you don’t know what will end up on the cutting room floor,” Grier said, “but they want to have a scene with Bette Midler reading ‘Lesbian Nuns’ by the swimming pool.”

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