BetteBack July 16,1985: Words For Madonna At Live Aid

Winnipeg Free Press
Tuesday, July 16, 1985


FLOTSAM FROM Live Aid: Jack Nicholson on opening the Philly concert while Prince Charles and Diana did the same in London: “Yeah, me and Charlie. How ’bout that?”

Cher turned up for the backstage activities in Philadelphia only after hearing about the concert from Phil Collins, who was on the same Concorde flight from London.

Carlos Santana being profound: “The people at Woodstock were the same. They sticked out their necks for humanity, too.”

Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, and Madonna did not hang out in the tent made up to resemble New York’s Hard Rock Cafe. They were all whisked in to perform and quickly whisked out after the show, though Jagger and Turner were both at post-show hotel parties.

Bette Midler introducing Madonna: A woman who “pulled herself up from her bra straps ”and pulled them down occasionally.”

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