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BetteBack May 29, 1986: Bette’s Pregnancy Makes It Tough On Shelley Long

Santa Ana Orange County Register
May 29, 1986


Bette Midler‘s pregnancy is making life a bit tough for Shelley Long.

The actresses are making Touchstone’s “Outrageous Fortune,” a big-screen comedy that was given the green light for production shortly before Midler discovered she was expecting her first child in the fall.

As things have evolved, “I’ve been doing more running, jumping, climbing and leaping in difficult conditions than I ever expected,” says Shelley. “And I didn’t even like camp as a kid.”

Having gone through months of “Cheers” shooting while she was pregnant last year, Shelley can empathize with Bette’s situation — and considers it “only smart” that her co-star sometimes remains on the sidelines during rigorous action work.

They have wrapped Albuquerque, N.M., sequences, and at the time we spoke, Shelley was recuperating from a stunt she did at the airport. She said with pride, “I fell out of the baggage conveyor belt! I’ve been asked to do some scary things I’d never done before — some of them that have been dreamed up in the middle of a moment — but it’s been up to me to decide what I feel comfortable with. And it’s been terrific fun.” *

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