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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Something’s Up – Where Are The Bonus Tracks?

9-23-2014 8-58-12 AM   Mister D: Well I found out from Bette’s people the songs aren’t getting junked and they are going to check on what’s going on. I’ll keep you updated….xx Just a warning. I ordered my Bette CD from the WB store where they had two bonus tracks listed. I just re-checked my order and the two songs have been removed. I don’t know if they’ve decided to ditch the deluxe version or not, but maybe we should all wait and see what happens closer to the sell date before pre-ordering. Unless you don’t care about the 2 extra songs. I just have a hard time believing that they would ditch the idea after advertising about it. Your call. I’ll keep you informed when I get any news.
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Bette attends The 8th Annual Exploring The Arts Gala in New York last night

Bette with Bruce Willis and Tony Bennett

Bette with Bruce Willis and Tony Bennett

10686708_704186716338397_8635866888249583039_n 10626691_670978026331987_3984118668371825805_n 10710926_670969819666141_6408467168899109501_n 10711078_670971252999331_4300485161734382004_n See all the photos: Click Here
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Exclusive: The divine Bette Midler speaks to Gay Times’ Darren Scott


Mister D: This is a great interview and worth the price of admission. If you get the interview, remember to share what you find out with a fellow BetteHead.

Exclusive: The divine Bette Midler speaks to GT

Bette Midler is one of the 30 gay icons in our Birthday Issue! Bette Midler gives us an exclusive interview as we talk music and movies with the long-standing gay icon. Bette has starred of some of our film favourites like Hocus Pocas, Beaches and Big Business. Also a comedian she gives us her very funny comments on the idea of sequels to our favourite films. She began her singing career singing to gay men in saunas, she told GT: “Well I do love my gay fans…but I kind of love everybody, I don’t like to separate people. I’m not a segregationist! But because your so sweet and genuinely gentlemanly…” She reveals her thoughts on gay fans, her favourite songs, her plans for the future and her reflections on an extraordinary career. Bette Midler has a new album out, the first review of which you can read here. Get the full article in GT’s special birthday Issue where you’ll also find exclusive interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring gay icons, including Sir Ian McKellan, Joan Rivers and Barbra Streisand. To buy the issue, click here.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Bette Attends Barbara Walter’s Birthday Party

New York Post Page Six Cindy Adams September 28, 2014 | 10:55pm 10644809_702484726508596_3449515718526923052_n I’m Barbara’d out. Thursday Walters’ Rainbow Room black-tie birthday had traffic cops, Roger Akiki’s security team, checkpoints, and one lane closed purely for the 200 one-namer guests like Hoda, Kissinger, Langella, Lauder, McCartney, Trump, Koch, Follett and place cards made from BW’s 60 years in TV photos. Enough already. Who does she think she is — Rosie O’Donnell? Bloomberg asked: “Remember me?” I said: “You look familiar.” He said: “I’m Brad Pitt.” Bette Midler solicited donations for her city beautifying projects. A UN VIP wondered might Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur weekend stop attendance to the Pakistan president’s speech. Somebody answered: “If so we can douse him with a bowl of pig blood.” Lawyer David (“Off to Washington for seven weeks. I’m suing the government.”) Boies’ wife, Mary, never removed long black gloves. She must’ve been fed intravenously. She’d sewed her large jewelled ring (Boies earns big) onto the glove so she didn’t lose it. Barbara, Oprah and other types had sailed on David Geffen’s superyacht so discussed was his — pardon the phrase — busy little dinghy. Co-hosts were Princess Firyal, Mercedes Bass, Diana Taylor, Annette de la Renta, Nicole Seligman, Marie-Josée Kravis. I tell you the truth, not a shabby party. Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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  • Don’t Forget: Bette Midler To Attend Dinner Honoring Harvey Weinstein
  • AUDIO: Bette Midler Reveals Details on Upcoming ‘Its the Girls’ Album
  • VIDEO: Bette Midler Serenades Barbara Walters on THE VIEW
  • Watch “Beaches” Performed By This Gay Comic In Less Than Four Minutes
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    It’s The Girls – Out November

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    For Those Who Missed It, DJ Bette Midler, For The Girls BBC2 Audio Clip

    9-28-2014 1-58-09 PM In a special show, actress and singer Bette Midler celebrates the music of her favourite girl groups. “A long, long, time ago I fell in love with voices in harmony. It almost didn’t matter what the songs were…it was the sound of human voices blending together. I never recovered from that initial assault on my senses and, in particular, I loved female voices singing together. Growing up when I did, I was lucky enough to hear and fall in love with so many great girl groups – these girls had A SOUND!” The programme features tracks from 1930’s stars The Boswell Singers and war-time favourites The Andrews Sisters, all the way through to The Spice Girls and Wilson Phillips. And there’s a selection of hits from The Chiffons, The Shirelles, The Shangri-Las, The Dixie Cups, and many more. Plus, there are new examples of how the music of these girl groups has influenced Bette Midler’s own recordings. Presented by Bette Midler. Written and produced by Malcolm Prince. [wpaudio url=” Midler – For The Girls – BB2.mp3″ text=”Bette Midler – For The Girls – BB2″ dl=”0″]  
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    Sunday, September 28, 2014

    Bette DJ’s Today On BBC2

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    Things We Saw Today

    The Mary Sue Things We Saw Today: Mass Effect Costume Hoodies For Everyday Cosplay Does this unit have enough money for all three? by Sam Maggs ( ) Saturday, September 27th 2014 at 4:15 pm The BioWare store is now selling Mass Effect-inspired Garrus, Wrex, and Tali hoodies. That’s cool, I didn’t need money anyways. (via BioWare)

  • NBC just greenlit Maidenhead, a show about a demonic possession that spreads like an epidemic. But will Mark Shepard be in it? (via io9)
  • Baby cheetahs! Baby cheetahs! Baby cheetahs! (via Laughing Squid)
  • If you’re sick of playing Destiny but still love the music,  you can now grab the soundtrack for $9.99 over on iTunes. (via Polygon)
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    Don’t forget Bette is hosting a BBC Radio 2 show today @ 5pm UK Time

    Don’t forget Bette is hosting a BBC Radio 2 show today @ 5pm UK Time
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    Bette Midler Attends Tribute To Robin Williams

    The Hollywood Reporter Robin Williams‘ Life Celebrated at San Francisco Tribute Attended by Family, Industry Friends 4:28 PM PST 09/27/2014 by Chris Gardner, Mike Barnes Hundreds turn out for a memorial to celebrate the actor’s legendary life 1972325_703292879761114_5932684298004412423_n Family and famous industry friends of Robin Williams’ gathered to celebrate his legendary life Saturday in San Francisco, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The private tribute – held at the Curran Theatre – drew hundreds of guests and included music and video tributes as well as emotional speeches from Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwait, Bonnie Hunt, Eric Idle, Admiral Mike Mullen, Williams’ three children, Cody, Zelda and Zak and his wife, Susan. Stevie Wonder fronted the musical portion of the afternoon, paired with the Glide Ensemble and Change Band, which hails from Glide Memorial Church, a local San Francisco house of worship. According to a rep for the late actor, other attendees included close friends, onetime co-stars and directors including Bette Midler, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, George Lucas, Penny Marshall, Danny De Vito, Rhea Perlman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gus Van Sant, Chris Columbus, Jeff Bridges, Minnie Driver, Marlo Thomas, Josh Groban, Seth Green, Eddie Izzard, Richard Lewis and Pam Dawber. Following the tribute, guests headed to the nearby Westin St. Francis Hotel for a reception. According to sources, Zelda Williams, 25, is credited with organizing the majority of her father’s memorial. Zelda had taken a hiatus from social media and joined her family in seclusion while they mourned. However, she recently tweeted, “I just want to say thank you for all the stories and letters I’ve been receiving, especially from those who’ve lost loved ones. I don’t come online often, but reading of others who have dealt with this loss & gone on to live happy, full lives is helpful. Truly.” Williams was found dead inside his home in Tiburon, Calif., on Aug. 11 as a result of suicide. He was 63.
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