GirlsGate Part I: Bonus Songs Being Shopped To Several Outlets First

10422437_669344986495291_786618983135362200_nI don’t know all the record industry lingo but at this point the two bonus tracks are being shopped to Target and other outlets for an exclusive deal. (This is why the 2 songs disappeared through the WB store.)

If WB can’t get an exclusive deal then the bonus tracks will be sold through WB. Which means we’ll get the tracks eventually although it could be only digital.

This has happened with WB before with other artists. Things usually pan out in the end so let calmness prevail. Sorry I am the one that has to give you the news.

So hold tight. We will get our songs somehow, someday. Hang tight. Everybody keep an eye and an ear out for any information then get back with me. Of course, I will keep you informed as well.

Thanks, Mister D

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12 thoughts on “GirlsGate Part I: Bonus Songs Being Shopped To Several Outlets First

  1. Thankyou for finding out, Mr.D. I appreciate your doggedness!
    This has happened in the UK – Girls Aloud at the height of their fame did a remix CD only available though woolworths. A recent Babs album had extras only available through one retailer. Business, huh?

  2. Thanks for this info Mr D. Living in Australia it has cost $40 by the time they added postage! Plus paying with paypal means they have actually already taken the money from me. If their cd is not the delux version it is better to buy it locally. Thanks again for keeping us upated to the ‘Midler-gate’ saga…

  3. Hopefully the deal works out with Target. Several artists have exclusive cd’s there & they generally sell pretty well. Streisand just had a Target exclusive with Partners.

  4. 1. I know the power of big retailers like Target and Walmart. But if WB Records wants to court them, get the act straight. Get organized and don’t sell something if you don’t know what exactly it will be. Those executives get gargantuan yearly bonus, can’t they get organized?!

    2. Miss M needs to tour Australia and Europe. She’d kill!

  5. “Sorry I am the one that has to give you the news.”
    Why? Where else would we get to know all about what is going on and believe it!?! You are “IT” for the truth, Don, thank you.

  6. I abhor this practice, but at this point I don’t see the CD listed yet with Best Buy, Target or Walmart. I could also see it available at amazon, as a separate entry.

    If it wasn’t “Bette”, my response to these exclusive deals is to boycott the artist and the label. To most of the unsuspecting public, they go out and buy a CD, only to find out after the purchase that they’ve been cheated (i.e., “well if you bought it at Target instead of Amazon, you would have gotten extra tracks”). Kinda leaves a sour taste in your mouth, that you paid your hard earned money and received something “less” than what other people paid for the same amount. It makes me not too sympathetic towards the studio/label or the artist when you hear about illegal downloading–think about it–who was cheated first?

    And for most of the artists out there with product to sell, how are you going to hear about these special deals? Is Amazon going to say, “well you can buy the CD from us, but if you want a bigger, better more deluxe CD, you’ll have to buy it from Target??” I think not.

    I realize that this sort of thing goes on all the time, but the real swindle, in this case, is advertising it, having people pay for it, and then pulling it away from them for the sake of an extra buck. Good for you for cancelling your order with the WB store until you find out what’s going on. Even Bette’s in the dark on this one, as she also advertised the extra tracks on her social media site(s) to buy it from her own “Bette Store at WB”, to find out that the rug has been pulled out from her as well as all of us.

    Let’s not get our knickers in a twist over two extra songs (one, which is probably beautifully sung but doesn’t even fit in to the ‘girl group’ theme), as I’d buy the CD if it only had one song on it–but this exemplifies a practice, which in my opinion, needs to stop. But no one really addresses it. Right now, it’s all about whether Aretha Franklin is using auto-tune when she recorded “Rolling in the Deep”……now there’s a marketing strategy…..over a million hits on YouTube in 24 hours.

    1. I’m in total agreement with you Ron. I find it disheartening and it angers me. I’ll try to keep up with who’s selling what in the meantime…xx

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