Target Gets Exclusive Rights To Bette Midler Bonus Tracks (Thanks Diane!)


We’ve just had it confirmed that the deluxe edition of It’s The Girls with 2 additional tracks will be sold exclusively at Target. Don’t know where that leaves the overseas market, but that’s the record companies for you….so far it’s not on their site, so be on the lookout! xx

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10 thoughts on “Target Gets Exclusive Rights To Bette Midler Bonus Tracks (Thanks Diane!)

  1. still isn’t offering the new album. But at least WB Records made the deluxe version vanish from its site. How much were they charging for the deluxe CD + download?

    1. No Target doesn’t have it up yet. WB was offering the CD and the digital download as a bundle and were charging 21.99 for it

  2. Better bring my piggy bank with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters since everyone now knows Target is THEE Target for hackers using credit! (just sayin’) Now wouldnt it be hysterical if all betteheads went and paid cash the day it comes out?! (maybe Target can have a two-fer deal, FOR THE BOYS and ITS THE GIRLS!) Get the honchos on the phone….

  3. I absolutely MUST have the double vinyl set…and the Target set…So thrilling…And to markmark…LOL
    Love to all. <3

  4. I’m so sad cause “International shipping isn’t currently available” on Target…. Well, I know that Somehow, Someday, Somewhere I will enjoy the bonus tracks!!!!

    1. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game – The Marvelettes
      Talk To Me Of Mendocino – Kate and Anna McGarrigle

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