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BetteBack May 26, 1987: Bette Midler And Lily Tomlin To Team Up For A Movie

Pacific Stars And Stripes May 26, 1987 tomlin bidet big business The prospect of Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin in the same movie is intriguing. So how about two of each? That is what Touchstone-is cooking up in “Big Business,” set to film in New York in August. The script by Dori Pierson and Marc Rubel has them portraying two sets of identical twins who were switched at birth. Now questionably mature adults, the first set of twins are poor factory workers in Tennessee who arrive in the Big Apple as union representatives battling the corporate bosses, who happen to be the other twins.
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Robert De Niro Book Reveals ‘Darkest Secrets’

J & H Robert De Niro Book Reveals ‘Darkest Secrets’ Nov 29, 2014 ...  Read More

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I Think It’s Going To Rain Today – CHF Benefit – June 2011

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Bette Midler – Children’s Health Fund – 2011

She sings Friends, People, I Still Got My Health (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Post by Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty.
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Bette Midler On Movies, Music, And Her Gay Fans

Mister D: Once again UK journalists outdo the US as far as interviewing. Great job! Gay Times UK Bette Midler Interview By Darren Scott Sept. 2014 10646712_702400999850302_7261996589031282986_n We’re having a debate with Bette Midler about her music. She doesn’t believe us when we note the eight year gap between her last, Grammy nominated album, Cool Yule, and her new one, It’s The Girls, is far longer than the one between No Frills and Beaches. As gay conversations go, correcting Bette Midler on her back catalogue is pretty much the daddy of all things gay. And it’s not really about to get particularly butch – The Divine Miss M has finally been coaxed back to the studio by long-time collaborator Marc Shaiman for an album of songs by girl groups of yesteryear. So yes, pretty camp. Not that Bette thinks in such terms – a long-standing gay icon, supporter of LGBT rights, former GT cover star and, well, she started her career singing to gay men in saunas, so she’s practically one of us. It seems only right that, in our anniversary issue, we have a GT classic answer… “Well I do love my gay fans…” she begins, before quickly making complete sense. “But I kind of like everybody, I don’t like to separate people. I’m not a segregationist! But because you’re so sweet and so genuinely gentlemanly…” Flattery will indeed get you everywhere Ms Midler. But the pressing question GT wants to know the answer to before we talk music is about her movies. “Which one do I think my gay fans like best? I hadn’t really considered it. But you mean which one’s the most camp? Oh gee, I don’t really know. What do you think?” Oh she’s good. Another gay icon classic tactic – to turn the question back on us. Fortunately, as she already knows, we’re prepared and reply with Beaches, Hocus Pocus and Big Business. “Oh how interesting. Well, I have to say Big Business is pretty funny. That’s one I would think was the most camp, but I don’t know. I think they’re divided. I think a lot of people really love The Rose. I think that people love to see the scenery being chewed and I think that they loved the music. You know what? I have no idea, to tell you the truth. You just say what you wanna say and I’ll say, ‘Yep that’s right!” she laughs. As if we’d ever do such a thing. Actress, singer, comedian, legend, mermaid. The Divine Miss M has done it all and now, after the aforementioned hiatus, she’s back where she started from. Eerily so, in fact, with It’s The Girls being so very reminiscent of her first two albums. “I think so too.” she agrees. “Marc Shaiman, who produced this record, was a big fan of mine when he was a kid, like 14, 15 years old. He knocked on my door when he was 16 and he was such a pest. But he’d fallen in love with those first two records, they introduced him to all sorts of music that he had no idea existed. He always talks about that, he talks about me in a way, really I’m like his godmother. “He knows that music and the people so well. He and his partner Scott were the songwriters on Hairspray, so they know the genre. He’s great at pastiche. All our roots are so far back and so into that music that I think it was a great, really inspired choice to go with him. “Plus, he loves me, looks after me, he takes care of me. If I say, ‘I need another note’, he’ll say, ‘How about this?’ Instead of leaving me in the booth to suffer silently alone. Or loudly alone,” she deadpans. “It just seems like it’s time. People are sort of waking up to the fact that it’s stuff that they love, it seems like it’s sort of in the zeitgeist. I didn’t really realise when we started it, because we started talking about it last year. Previously a friend of mine had pitched me an idea that was very similar. It’s been on my mind and I really love the stuff, it’s easy to sing, it’s fun to sing, it spreads joy, so why not?” The same friend who tried convincing her to do an Andrews Sisters record perhaps? She laughs. “No, I have plenty of those though! Those are legion. Peoople would lynch me if I didn’t do The Andrews Sisters.” But it’s not all music from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Because we need to talk about her stripped down version of TLC’s Waterfalls. Oh yes. “YES!” she proclaims excitedly. “Oh I’m glad you brought that up. I really love that, I really do. I’ve always loved that song and I’ve always loved those girls. I mean, it’s a really sad song. But I wanted it without the rhythm that’s so insistsent on the TLC version. Stripped down, it’s just so so sad.” Have there been any other groups in recent years that have caught her ear? “Oh of course! My God! I love Destiny’s Child, I followed them. I thought their songs, especially the really funny ones, were absolutely wonderful.” Funny ones? “Bills, Bills, Bills. But then Beyoncé left them, but her songs are really kind of girl groupy too. I mean “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it! That song.” Bette Midler is actually singing Single Ladies to us. “They’re all like little playlets. They’re kind of funny in a way that a lot of music isn’t. They’re humorous. TLC – I thought No Scrubs was a REALLY funny song. I went looking for those writers, but when you get the list it’s like 18 people on a song… “The Spice Girls came up, the Bangles came up, the Go-Go’s cam up. We came close to Walk Like an Egyptian but then I thought, ‘I know her, I know Susanna Hoffs’. But ultimately, when people think of girl groups, they really think of the 60s. I flew my flag for The Andrews Sisters and The Chordettes and TLC. I said, ‘Let’s not just make it one thing, there’s too much other really good music that I’d like to sing.” But it’s not all about song – stage and screen have also recently beckoned. “They invited me,” she says of her recent Broadway production of I’ll Eat You Last to the West End. Despite considering it, instead the story of Hollywood aent Sue Mengers is currently ‘in mothballs’. “It’s not that high on the list, but it’s definitely something that i’ll keep in my back pocket.” While we’re talking of hearsay, we might as well round up those rumours. Sorry to break it to you, faithful reader, but a lot of the Bette projects you’ve heard about may not be happening…. First Wives Club 2? “You know they tried to do a sequel, I have no idea,” she laughs. “I know that there are projects for the three of us to get together again, but I don’t think they have anything to do with that particular piece. They tried it many many years ago right after they had their big success, but I don’t think they had any luck. I dunno, it’s hard to tell…” Hocus Pocus 2? “Well she did die. I died.” Ms Midler, Disney villains never die. She chuckles to herself for a while. “You know, you’re absolutely right. That would be fun! We’d be a little bit long in the tooth, but it would be fun. I’m SO surprised at the legs that picture has. As the years have gone by it’s only gotten bigger and bigger. People tell me stuff that I had no idea. Just last year they said, ‘You know they play it for a whole week.’ I think they play it for a whole month on television or something ridiculous. Everyone knows it, actually the really young ones say ‘I know you, you’re the witch from Hocus Pocus.’ And I go ‘Well yes, that’s ONE of the things I did…’ I was really surprised that it’s taken on a life of its own. Hocus Pocus – The Musical? “How funny! Well, you would know more than I, they’re not emailing me!” There was a novel, called Beaches 2, that was written specifically for her…. “Beaches 2?! Oh I think she [Iris Rainer Dart] published that years ago. But I heard that she was doing a musical of Beaches, I heard that, I did hear that. but that has nothing to do with me. She’s, she thinks carefully, “a force too! She’s energetic, she’s up there cranking and I admire that aobut her. I don’t know anything about it, I think they had a workshop? She didn’t tell me, she didn’t keep me in the loop.” Plans for a definitive book about her life? “No. I have no plans to write that,” she says, following a recent re-release of A View From A Broad. “No, I think that was it for me. That’s what I had to say and I said it and that’s that. I don’t really want to write an autobiography. First of all, I don’t remember much of it,” she chuckles. “I really don’t! And most of it was about work and I don’t think people would be interested in the work part of it. it’s a lot of technical jargon and a lot of stuff about deals and all that kind of thing, and because i’m not a songwriter I don’t have that ‘and then I wrote.’ I didn’t have that to fall back on. And my escapades I’m keeping to myself. I’m trying to be merciful to my family,” she laughs. The Mae West HBO biopic? “Well that one’s very interesting, that one really looks like it’s going to go. That’s Billy Friedkin, who’s wonderful, and Doug McGrath who’s also someone to be reckoned with. I’ve met the two of them and they have a great idea for it. That’s a great story, because she was such an interesting character and lived such a curious life. It started when she was just six-years-old, she was a real showbiz prodigy, in a way. She completely invented herself and was very, very proud of what she’s done. She never changed gears. She wrote her own material and she really let women have a sex life that they hadn’t had. Nobody knew they were interested in it before her. So God bless her.” We’re glad that one’s happening, even if we can’t get Bette back on a broomstick. “Oh well, I think she’s prettier,” she laughs. “She doesn’t have those teeth.” Before that, a week of UK TV appearances beckon, shortly after this issue hits shelves. “I’m so excited. I’m lining up my restaurants now…” Dinner aside, might we get a live event or two? She laughs loudly. “Is there something else Oh! You mean I have to work?” A Divine tease indeed – all we can say is watch this space… You can follow Gay Times at these places: Facebook: Twitter: Darren Scott: REVIEW: Bette Midler – It’s The Girls! Updated Press Release: Bette Midler Announces ‘It’s The Girls,’ Her First Album Since 2006 For Those Who Missed It, DJ Bette Midler, For The Girls BBC2 Audio Clip

Bette Midler Releases Album Just After Barbra Streisand Releases “Partners” ...  Read More

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Outrageous Fortune Tropes And Idioms

379379_223683957705249_221327031274275_541431_1683885160_n Bette Midler and Shelley Long star in this female buddy picture from 1987. Long plays Lauren Ames, an actress whose ambition far outweighs her success despite her many years of taking classes; Midler plays Sandy Brozinsky, a fast-talking, foul-mouthed waitress from the wrong side of the tracks who horns her way into Lauren’s exclusive drama class on a lark. Unbeknown to each other, Sandy and Lauren are both seeing the same impossibly perfect man, Michael Santers (Peter Coyote). When Michael inexplicably fakes his death, Sandy and Lauren wind up joining forces to track him down. A wacky, cross-country caper ensues, and both women discover that there’s a lot more to the man they love—not to mention their suspiciously homicidal Russian acting coach—than they ever imagined. Tropes: ’80s Hair: Bette Midler’s character. It’s not teased or anything, but it is as wide as her shoulder-padded shoulders. Adults Dressed as Children: Lauren and Sandy sneak into a whorehouse thinking they’re convincingly disguised as men; the madame takes them for thirteen-year-old boys. Our intrepid heroines run with it. Madame: Does your daddy know you’re here? Lauren (in cowboy accent): Hell, yes, he told us where to come! Come, git it? Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Sandy is visibly shaken when she believes Lauren has been shot dead. Badass Adorable: Lauren develops into this over the course of the film. Bad Bad Acting: Practiced by many of Stan’s students, as he enjoys pointing out. Even Lauren cringes at the spectacle of one particular student’s immensely hammy non-dialogue “performance” of a moment from Oedipus The King. Beware the Quiet Ones: Lauren, fed up with the mystery, kicks open a crackhouse door, waves a toy gun around (back in a day when toy guns looked real), and starts impersonating an angry cop with a screw loose. Even Sandy is shocked. Briefcase Full of Money: Or, rather, a cute, ducky-emblazoned lunchbox full of money. Butt Monkey: Frank. Also, anyone who takes Stanislav Korzenowsky’s acting class. Calling Your Orgasms: Michael’s telltale chant of, “Oh God. Oh God. Ohhh God. Ohhhgod—OHHHGOD!!!” The Casanova: Michael Cat Fight: Lauren and Sandy duke it out in the morgue. Cheap Costume: The ladies are forced to improvise quite frequently. Chekhov’s Armory: The film is made of this. The climax, in fact, centers around pretty much everything we saw Lauren doing in her acting and ballet classes at the very beginning. (Also, Sandy’s stolen Christmas tree ornament comes in pretty handy.) Cluster F-Bomb: Sandy sure loves ’em—which Lauren lampshades. But ironically, the most blatant example in the film is Lauren doing her “Crazy / Badass Cop” impression. Cold War Comically Missing the Point: Lauren holds a gun to Stan after he tries to kill her, then proceeds to berate him for making a mockery of the New York acting community. Sandy has to rush over to get her to snap out of it…. Daddy’s Girl: Lauren is this, as we see when she tries to borrow money for Korzenowsky’s class from her parents. Her mother won’t let her in the door; her father throws her a check from the window of their high-rise. Deadpan Snarker: Sandy, all the freaking time. She’s a bit of a Snark Knight. Stan is quite snarky, himself. Lauren is a bit of a Lady Snarker. Defector from Commie Land: Stan’s way of avoiding repercussions back in Mother Russia. He is even able to bargain for perks, including a condo on the Potomac and Redskins season tickets. Disguised in Drag Drama Queen: Lauren can certainly be this way. Erotic Eating: Lauren (with sexy Russian Bond Girl voice) + Michael + a chicken leg. Expy: Lauren is in many ways a “clone” of Diane Chambers, except that she’s also great at ballet. (And Lauren’s willing to curse, if the situation calls for it.) Especially notable in that Shelley Long tends to try and downplay any Diane-like “quirks” when playing other characters—but in this film, she at times seems to be cranking it Up to Eleven. Fake Nationality: In-Universe and out: Robert Prosky is an American playing a Russian who, at one point, disguises himself as an American. Stan (removing his mask): So. Some of us who teach can also do. Friend to All Children: Implied, with Lauren. She is clearly very touched when Michael tells her he’s trying to find the perfect Halloween costume, to help out a kid who’s unable to find acceptance among his classmates. Later, she makes a point to tell Sandy to let her talk to the kid holding them at gunpoint—presumably because she’s better with children. Funny Background Event: When Sandy is talking to her boyfriend in the phone company over the phone, Lauren paces impatiently behind her—and can be seen briefly mockingly mimicking Sandy’s boisterousness. Gag Penis / Bigger Is Better in Bed: Michael’s defining physical characteristic, which is how Lauren and Sandy know the burned corpse at the morgue isn’t him. Sandy: Michael was not a guy other guys would’ve made fun of in the locker room, okay? Good People Have Good Sex: Lauren sports a radiant glow and a BIG smile after her night with Michael, which Sandy makes sure to comment on. Michael turns out to be a bad guy, though. Groin Attack: Threatened by Sandy (“I’ll shoot it off, Stan”). Lauren includes this threat in her Badass Cop impression when she and Sandy interrogate the drug dealers. Gratuitous Russian Instant Seduction: The first time Lauren meets Michael, he’s a customer in the costume shop where she works. She’s moved by his telling her he’s a teacher trying to find the perfect costume for one of his students who’s trying hard to fit in. She offers to help him make one. The very next scene shows the two of them in bed, Michael “apologizing” for the quick turn of events, explaining that “I just…had to kiss you.” Lauren, radiant with afterglow, is charmed even more by this. The Lad-ette: Sandy’s not above talkin’ trash and often acting pretty “macho” with the best of them, though she still cares about her physical appearance in the “feminine” fashion, among other things. Lampshade Hanging: When our gals finally manage to reach one of their destinations after an especially exhausting ordeal, a bunch of guys drive by, hooting and whistling and otherwise calling out to them in Hello, Nurse! fashion. Lauren can’t resist: Lauren: Now, why do they do that? Has there ever been one woman in the history of the world who actually said—(with Coy, Girlish Flirt Pose) “Yes, fellas, please—take me, now!”? Sandy: (Wimpering) For a bed and a bath, I…I’d consider it— Lauren: Bite your tongue…. Literary Allusion Title: Hamlet, in case you don’t recognize the quote…. Lovely Angels: Lauren and Sandy find themselves becoming this, each discovering their Hidden Badass over the course of the film. Ms. Fanservice: Lauren has a few moments of this. In addition to her nights with Michael, the scene in Stan’s waiting room has her dressed in an outfit that has a see-through blouse covering Absolute Cleavage that goes down to her waist. It gets better. Shortly before Sandy shows up, Lauren engages in some breathing exercises that quickly sound like she’s partaking in something else entirely…. Mugged for Disguise: Lauren and Sandy appropriate Frank’s clothes. (At least they’re nice enough to leave him their skirts and blouses.) The Ophelia: Well, in a literal way: Sandy plays Ophelia in the production of Hamlet at the end. The Power of Acting: It turns out that Lauren’s many years of studying the theater pay off in tracking down Michael and foiling the bad guys. Ransacked Room: The film plays this straight, then spoofs it. First, the two women go to Lauren’s apartment while it’s being ransacked. After a daring escape, they head to Sandy’s place to find it a complete mess as well. Lauren cries, “Oh, no, they’ve been here!” and tries to run, but Sandy grabs her and says, “Nobody’s been here. This is normal.” Red Oni, Blue Oni: Sandy is red, and Lauren is blue. Rogue Agent: What Michael turns out to be. Scary Black Man: Lauren and Sandy’s cab driver. Sdrawkcab Name: Sort of. Stan’s name is almost the reverse of real-life actor Constantin Stanislavsky. Serious Business: Lauren does not appreciate any insults to the honor of the theater—to the point where we hear her arguing with Sandy over the value of Hamlet— as the credits start rolling! Shakespearean Actors: What Lauren aspires to be. Her ambition is to play Hamlet, which she finally accomplishes at the end of the film. Shout-Out: Sandy once sarcastically calls out to Lauren as “Lady Di”. Shelley Long, of course, is most famous for playing Diane Chambers of Cheers. A retroactive example: When Sandy gives a brief summary of the situation to Frank, he looks at her in bewilderment and asks, “The ’60s were good to you, weren’t they?” This line would be recycled for Cars, where an inverted version would be asked of George Carlin’s character, Fillmore…. Spirited Young Lady: Lauren, who is ladylike and feminine Up to Eleven, but is quite skilled at fencing and is not afraid to actually stab her match opponent in the beginning of the film. Spoiled Sweet: Lauren. To her credit, she’s kind of aware of it, as she explains to Sandy when they argue over who should go over to the super-intimidating cab driver…. Stoners Are Funny: Especially when they’re played by George Carlin. Teeny Weenie: The unfortunate fellow at the morgue, falsely identified as Michael, as Sandy tries to explain to the cops: Lauren: I think he’s got the big picture now— Sandy: Oh, I don’t think he does! (To cop) This guy in the morgue…whoever he is…he’s got a… (Wicked grin) Does the phrase “needle-dick”—”the bugfucker”—mean anything to you? The Eighties: Check out those opening credits. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Played with. Downplayed for Sandy, who is technically more of The Lad-ette, but Lauren most definitely qualifies as a Girly Girl. Universal Poison: What Michael stole. Specifically, a green toxin that will destroy all vegetation around the world with just a few drops. Vanity Is Feminine: At one point, the gals stop right what they’re doing to check their makeup, and then spend the next moment or two remarking on how they look and whether or not their hair colors are natural. We Need a Distraction: How about emptying an entire lunchbox filled with money into a crowd of waiting airline passengers? Wham Line: “Nine years of ballet, asshole!” White Guilt: Lauren gets Tongue Tied when she tries to say “Caucasian”, while trying to describe Michael to the black cab driver—finally settling for nervously dropping race entirely (and announcing it). She ends up panicking over possibly digging herself deeper…and later gets very nervous over the fact that the man soon drives her and Sandy deep into Harlem. Sandy can’t resist ribbing her about it. You Need to Get Laid: Sandy’s reply when Lauren explodes at her in their first encounter. Lauren’s shocked silence implies it hits VERY close to home.

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    Thursday, November 27, 2014

    BetteBack April 12, 1987: What Kind Of Mother Is Bette Midler?

    Publication: Salina Journal Issue Date: April 12, 1987 427146_215002355262892_2144 Bette Midler is such a raunchy character you just have to wonder what she is like in her new role as a real-life mother.—J.E. With her newfound Hollywood stardom, not to mention a multi-picture contract with the Walt Disney organization, of all things, Bette has put her rock n raunch days behind her. She remains, though. an outspoken personality on just about every topic you can image. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when during a Hollywood party Midler started talking about nursing her daughter, Sophie. Bette said she’s nursed the baby for six months. “Some mothers nurse for a year, and then there are a few that nurse until the kids are five or six years old,” Bette added with a wink. “Now that’s kinky.”

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    Hocus Pocus: Will The Witch Be Back?

    From: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Zone 10710614_873794872654144_6622549778802993846_n (1) There IS a script apparently doing the rounds in Hollywood for a sequel to the 1993 cult hit ‘Hocus Pocus‘ The script apparently sees the Sanderson Sisters (Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker) resurrected once more. Embarking on a revenge mission against the Dennison family that leads them to 21st century New York city. We are very excited about the possibilities of seeing our three favourite witches unleashed on the Big Apple. Imagine Winifred on Broadway, or Mary lost in Macy’s.

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  • VIDEO: Hocus Pocus Sequel in the Works?
  • Paging Disney! Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy Want a Hocus Pocus Sequel
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    Reminders: Royal Variety Performance (UK) And Bette Midler: One Night Only Special (UK)

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    BetteBack April 10, 1987: Bette Gets Feted At The Moving Picture Ball

    Publication: Kingston Gleaner Issue Date: April 10, 1987 3-25-2012 2-13-20 PM As a fund-raiser, the American Cinematheque staged Its second annual Moving Picture Ball at the Palladium in Los Angeles, with Bette Midler as the special guest. And. after the dinner, once the raffle winners were announced by Ed Begley Jr. and Deldre Hall, master of ceremonies Dudley Moore, who does every-thing right and then some, started the show. Hilarious film clips of Bette Midler were screened. Tonl Basil sang and danced like a with her troupe. Melba Moore crooned, Whoopi Goldberg praised Bette (“She does what she does the way she wants to do It, an to heck with them if they can’t take a joke”) HBO’s chairman Michael Fuchs declared Bette’s.”flash with trash, sleaze with ease” special put HBO on the” map. the Manhattan Transfer harmonized on “The Duke, of Dobuque.* and “Stevie Wonder thanked .Bette for -“being there* for him during a Martin Luther King’ benefit, and after apologizing for “my messed-up throat,” sang “I Just Called To- Say I Love You,” with Dudley Moore playing the piano. Barry ‘Manllow who was Bette’s «nusical director and conductor way-back-when • during her early road shows and Continental Baths nights, performed, and soon was joined in a duet by Melissa Manchester — it turns out Melissa was one of Bette’s backup singing Harlettes (for 30 seconds”). Melissa and Barry then rollcalled 11 Harlettes alumlnl from the ’70s and ’80s. (Including the Delago Sisters, thost cheeky mermaids In wheelchairs), who romped on .stage in their hell-on-wheels drag and sang “Boogie Woogle Bugle Boy from Company B”. ‘Introducing her as “the bawdy broad with the vocabulary of a Marine drill sergeant on leave In downtown Tokyo that gave bad taste a good name,” Dudley Moore presented Bette with the evening’s award. “It comes with Its own batteries.” quipped Dudley, while Bette cried, *I can’t believe so many peopie came out for me, considering what a howler I’ve been all my professional life. This Is the cherry on the cake of my resurrection.” She recalled how, as a child, she played a record over and over.” A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes,” and wasn’t it “fate., a bizarre destiny that it was a Disney record from ‘Cinderella’?* (Betty’s blockbuster comedies have all been for Disney). Joining the Harlettes in a slambang reprise of ‘Boggle Woogte Bugle Boy from Company B.” she received a standing ovarton from the •black-tie, white-tie, no-tie* crowd that Inlcuded Greek actress Lily Kokkodl (a statesque young stunner best described as a cross between Irene* Papas and Marie Callus). About the Cinematheque. Bette mused, “It’s a good cause — seeing moving images of beautiful people. With Dudley Moore summing up that the Cinematheque will “show films 24 hours a day. thereby guaranteeing that serious students of films can be molested • morning, noon and night.* Bette Midler goes chasin’ ‘Waterfalls’ with cover of TLC hit Bette Midler Covering Waterfalls Is Probably The Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day! Here’s the Bette Midler cover of TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ you’ve been waiting for Bette Midler Will Forever Be The Wind Beneath Our Wings

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