Actress Anna Kendrick Is A BetteHead

Anna Kendrick loves the Divine Miss M!
Nov. 9, 2014


Internationally recognized stage and screen star Anna Kendrick answers a plethora of questions as part of a revealing new interview and cites that her ideal dream duet partner would be none other than fellow Broadway and Hollywood crossover star Bette Midler.

Kendrick shares of her ideal duet partner, “Bette Midler. I mean, I was going to think of a silly answer, but Bette Midler is my soul, so….”

Additionally, Kendrick says, “No, I don’t joke about Bette!”

Furthermore, when asked who her dream dinner party guest would be, Kendrick once again points to a Midler-related property, hit 1990s comedy THE FIRST WIVES CLUB.

“Can I say Bette Midler twice? If it’s a dinner party, can we just do the whole FIRST WIVES CLUB cast – including, like, Elizabeth Berkley and Stockard Channing? I mean, just the whole gang is going to be there,” Kendrick concludes.

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