Hocus Pocus: Will The Witch Be Back?

From: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Zone

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There IS a script apparently doing the rounds in Hollywood for a sequel to the 1993 cult hit ‘Hocus Pocus

The script apparently sees the Sanderson Sisters (Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker) resurrected once more. Embarking on a revenge mission against the Dennison family that leads them to 21st century New York city.

We are very excited about the possibilities of seeing our three favourite witches unleashed on the Big Apple.

Imagine Winifred on Broadway, or Mary lost in Macy’s.

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5 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus: Will The Witch Be Back?

  1. Mister D, any info regarding the writer of the script (let’s pray it’s not Paul Rudnick!)?
    Would Bette even be willing to work with Disney again (after their refusal to produce For the Boys)?
    As much as I’d personally prefer Bette to take on some more dramatic roles (God, i would have loved to see her as Lotte Lenya under Scorsese’s direction!!!), this would be a part I’d like her to reprise; she nailed Winnie, and I’d like to see more of her!
    Speaking of witches: Any news on Mae West?
    As always: thank you so much for your passion with Bette; you are the only Bette-source I trust; and so much more original than the official page; your work on (and for!!!) Bette has been “My favorite Waste of Time” for such a long time; thank you very much!!!

    1. Prince…right now I know nothing. Supposedly that script has been floatinfg around for awhile. Yes I think Bette would work for Dusney again, and as far as I know…according to Bette, the Mae West project is still on, although still in the early stages. She just got the script but needs to ok it. Thanks for the compliment! xx

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