Review: Come And Get These Memories by Bette Midler

The Morton Report
New Music for Old People: Solomon Burke, Neil Young, Wilco, Bette Midler and More
December 12, 2014
By Al Kooper, Columnist


Come and Get These Memories” – Bette Midler (3:21)

For her comeback album, It’s the Girls, Bette returns in amazing voice with a wide swath of older material. This was an early hit on the fledgling Motown label for Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. Bette calms down the tempo and with a sympathetic arrangement digs out the torch song that was always there. I have a great Bette story to relate. My dear friend, actor/writer/director Peter Riegert, was dating Bette in the mid-’70s. He was visiting his parents’ apartment in Manhattan and was in the kitchen with his Mom while his Dad watched the football game in the adjoining living room. Peter was regaling his Mom with stories about his new flame Bette Midler, when his father called him into the other room at halftime. His dad asked, “So who is this new Beth Miller gal?” Always loved this story.

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